AutoM8 Pro

AutoM8 Pro integrates with your existing systems to provide real time insight into your infrastructure and business processes; coupled with intelligent control this gives you the power to change things for the better.

The AutoM8 Pro System

AMS Solutions’ AutoM8 Pro integrates with your existing systems to monitor and provide real time insight into your infrastructure and systems; coupled with intelligent control this gives you the power to change things for the better. AutoM8 Pro is our answer to the Internet of Things (IoT).

AutoM8 Pro is a digital platform and collection of devices that are connected to the internet, enabling them to collect and exchange data with each other. AutoM8 Pro monitors activity, provides management information, and intelligently controls devices. This allows you to make improvements through informed decisions.

AutoM8 System

AutoM8 Monitors


As a rule, if you can describe it then we can monitor it. Typical inputs include:

  • Production output
  • Machine components moving
  • Electrical currents
  • Power consumption
  • Fault signals
  • Light levels
  • Temperature levels
  • Humidity
  • Machine downtime
  • GPS locations
  • Status and usage of EV Chargers
  • Machine cycle times

Insights – Management Information

AutoM8 Pro provides dashboards and reports that are built with your business in mind. Want to know your overall plant efficiency? Want to know the footfall of your premises by hour for the last 6 months? Want to know the real time status of the 50 fire and intruder alarms across your estate? No problem.

As well as real time insight, we help you to gather and store long term data, enabling you to spot trends and better understand what is happening in your business.

Our dashboards provide real time peace of mind and our reports keep you up to date on your key metrics, helping you and your business succeed.

Autom8 Provides Insights

Autom8 Integrates, Controls & Automates

Integrate, Control and Automate

AutoM8 Pro integrates with your existing devices and systems, allowing you to control them both in real time and as planned automations.

Want to turn your external power sockets off outside of business hours? Want to use your phone to switch your security lighting on when your alarm sounds? Want to automatically sound an alarm and turn your workshop heating off when the door has been left open? No problem; AutoM8 Pro can do all this and more.


The aim of AutoM8 Pro is to help you to make things better. Improvement is unique to every business, however, here are some examples of applications and improvements we have helped our customers to make:

  • Increasing production efficiency by identifying the number of quality failures in production, enabling process adjustments and continual feedback.
  • Reducing operating costs by associating heating and lighting controls to environmental conditions and providing an estate level digital control platform.
  • Reducing operational risk and enabling economical scheduling of repairs by monitoring and providing real time alerts when systems on remote sites are in fault.
  • Allowing remote security providers to utilise flood lights outside of business hours, improving security and reducing operating costs.
  • Tracking usage time of critical components in order to allow a frequency-based maintenance regime to be implemented, reducing production downtime and increasing efficiency.

AutoM8 Helps You Improve

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