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We are specialist providers of Power, Fire, Safety and Automation Solutions

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We are specialist providers of Power, Fire, Safety and Automation Solutions to the private and not-for-profit sectors. We help businesses stay compliant and achieve their goals by understanding their needs and delivering value adding solutions that leverage the latest technology.

Power Services

Giving you the power to succeed

Our electrical services power your growing business, help increase your efficiency and reduce your whole-life costs.

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Fire Services

Fire Services

Protecting your people and places

We design, install, test and maintain systems that are relied upon to keep businesses operational throughout the North West.

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Safety Services

Looking after your most valuable assets

From a simple risk assessment to a full safety management system audit, our team of H&S specialists will keep your organisation in safe hands.

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AMS Automation Services

AutoM8 Pro

Empowering you to make better decisions

AutoM8 Pro integrates with your existing systems to provide real time insight into your infrastructure and business processes; coupled with intelligent control this gives you the power to change things for the better.

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What is a BMS?

If you’re working in a facilities department for a large office or building, you may well have been asked to look into a BMS, or Building Management System.  So, for the uninitiated, we’re going to look at what exactly is BMS and what can it do.  Our aim is that, by the end of the […]

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What is an EICR?

EICR is the industry acronym for Electrical Installation Condition Report. The report shows the results of a whole-property assessment to ensure that all electrical systems and installations are safe, correctly installed and well maintained. Reports are written for industrial, commercial and domestic premises. The assessments are made in line with UK standards for the safety of […]

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Electric Car

What you need to know when installing Electric Car Charging Points

There are currently 11,000 charging stations in the UK, made up of over 30,000 individual charging points. Numbers are growing dramatically year on year. In 2018 the UK Government announced its Road to Zero scheme, through which they set aside 15 million pounds to develop the Electric Vehicle (EV) Industry. The Government aims to have […]

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What is fixed wire testing?

Fixed wire testing is the process in which a professional assesses a company’s electrical setup. It is taken place to ensure that the building is being powered safely and that none of your employees is in danger while they’re working inside the building. Fixing wire testing also ensures that the building is complying with the […]

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