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We are specialist providers of Power, Fire, Safety and Automation Solutions

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We are specialist providers of Power, Fire, Safety and Automation Solutions to the private and not-for-profit sectors. We help businesses stay compliant and achieve their goals by understanding their needs and delivering value adding solutions that leverage the latest technology.

Power Services

Giving you the power to succeed

Our electrical services power your growing business, help increase your efficiency and reduce your whole-life costs.

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Ams Services Electrical

Fire Services

Fire Services

Protecting your people and places

We design, install, test and maintain systems that are relied upon to keep businesses operational throughout the North West.

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Safety Services

Looking after your most valuable assets

From a simple risk assessment to a full safety management system audit, our team of H&S specialists will keep your organisation in safe hands.

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AMS Automation Services

AutoM8 Pro

Empowering you to make better decisions

AutoM8 Pro integrates with your existing systems to provide real time insight into your infrastructure and business processes; coupled with intelligent control this gives you the power to change things for the better.

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What can you do with the data from a SCADA system?

SCADA systems are used to better oversee and coordinate complex on-site mechanical and human operations to ultimately cut the total cost of production, enhance safety protocols, provide a better product, and maximize profit. But how can the information they provide lead to all of that? What Do SCADA Systems Do? Put simply, SCADA or Supervisory […]

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Car Showroom

Why your car showroom needs perfect lighting

The internet is taking over every aspect of our lives and more and more businesses are finding that they’re becoming obsolete due to it. In a world where nothing is safe from online shopping, it has never been more urgent to make your business as desirable as possible. Car dealerships are no exception to this […]

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Services Safety

How can a SCADA System change your business?

First thing’s first. What do we mean when we talk about a SCADA? Break the acronym down and what you get from SCADA is ‘Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition.’ Any the wiser? OK, a SCADA is a centralized system that lets you keep an eye on – and control – devices at remote locations. In […]

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Close up of green cables

Is hard wire testing the same as fixed wire testing?

Electricity’s a magical thing. Powerful, wonderful, moderately mysterious. Treat it badly, it’ll kill you stone dead or burn your eyebrows off. Treat it well, and it’ll power all the things you want in the 21st century. Well, true love, world peace, happily ever after, fine – no analogy is perfect. But certainly, electricity powers most […]

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