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SCADA systems are used to better oversee and coordinate complex on-site mechanical and human operations to ultimately cut the total cost of production, enhance safety protocols, provide a better product, and maximize profit. But how can the information they provide lead to all of that? What Do SCADA Systems Do? Put simply, SCADA or Supervisory […]

Car Showroom

The internet is taking over every aspect of our lives and more and more businesses are finding that they’re becoming obsolete due to it. In a world where nothing is safe from online shopping, it has never been more urgent to make your business as desirable as possible. Car dealerships are no exception to this […]

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Electricity’s a magical thing. Powerful, wonderful, moderately mysterious. Treat it badly, it’ll kill you stone dead or burn your eyebrows off. Treat it well, and it’ll power all the things you want in the 21st century. Well, true love, world peace, happily ever after, fine – no analogy is perfect. But certainly, electricity powers most […]

Black Electric Car Being Charged

Looking after our environment has come to a critical point, and to tackle climate change, we have a responsibility to look after our shared environment as best we can.  And one thing we can easily consider moving to, is using low emission vehicles. If you are thinking about getting yourself a new electrical vehicle or hybrid […]


EICR is the industry acronym for Electrical Installation Condition Report. The report shows the results of a whole-property assessment to ensure that all electrical systems and installations are safe, correctly installed and well maintained. Reports are written for industrial, commercial and domestic premises. The assessments are made in line with UK standards for the safety of […]

Electric Car

There are currently 11,000 charging stations in the UK, made up of over 30,000 individual charging points. Numbers are growing dramatically year on year. In 2018 the UK Government announced its Road to Zero scheme, through which they set aside 15 million pounds to develop the Electric Vehicle (EV) Industry. The Government aims to have […]