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When it comes to fire alarm maintenance and power solutions Manchester, it is essential you follow the correct procedures to ensure that your company is complying with the law.

Having a fire detection system in place to protect your premises is no use if it is not working properly and being looked after to comply with relevant legislation.

AMS Solutions has the experience and know-how to provide effective and regular fire alarm maintenance at your business address in Manchester.

Our technicians are trained to conduct appropriate testing, inspections and repairs to all types of fire detection and alarm systems.

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How often should fire alarms be maintained?

It is a legal requirement to carry out weekly fire alarm tests in all business settings to ensure components are working as they should. As a minimum, your fire alarms should be checked and undergo maintenance every six months.

Note that is the least you should do, and AMS Solutions recommends that you consider having fire alarms tested by a professional more often than that to guarantee they are functioning effectively. You should make sure that the alarm sensors are correctly calibrated weekly, and that the signals are all emitting correctly.

The batteries should be checked every three months too. If they have run out, they will need to be replaced immediately.

As an additional measure, make sure any sounders responding appropriately too.

It is also recommended checking that fire alarms are not obstructed in any way. You should do this at least quarterly to guarantee they detect smoke as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Fire alarms will last for a good number of years, especially when they have been correctly maintained. However, the longer you have a fire alarm system in place, the more likely it is to become less effective over time.

Typically, fire alarms can last up to 10 years without problems. Given their importance, you should consider replacing any that are older than that.

This is because they are more likely to develop faults, or deteriorate in performance, over time.

If a fire alarm is less than five years old, it should work at its optimum and with regular maintenance it is unlikely you will experience any issues.

While some fire alarm systems can continue to provide protection for longer than a decade, especially if they have been well maintained, this does become an avoidable risk.



Are there regulations businesses should be following?

When it comes to fire alarm maintenance, it is essential that you follow the guidelines for a number of reasons. Legal obligations are one thing, but safety is another.

You will want to know that the building has alarms to notify everyone should there be a fire. By carrying out regular fire alarm tests, you are ensuring that the fire alarms are working correctly, and you are also making staff aware of the correct procedures. Make sure those are written down.

After completing a fire safety test with fire safety services Manchester, update the records in a log book. This part of a maintenance schedule is important, especially when it comes to regular checks and fire drill procedures, because if a fire were to occur, you can act as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For example, every member of the team should know where they need to go, and to evacuate to that meeting point as quickly as possible.

With regards to the legal requirements, we have mentioned already that you need to carry out weekly fire alarm tests.

This is required under the Regulatory Reform (RRO in article 17).

It is essential that businesses adhere to this.

Additionally, the British Standard BS 5839 states that fire alarms should be fully inspected twice annually by a professional to ensure they are in full working condition.


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