Reactive Maintenance

What is Reactive Maintenance?

Reactive maintenance is quite simple. In fact, you might have an idea of what reactive maintenance is without knowing this exact term for it. When something requires repairs because it has stopped functioning, or stopped functioning properly, then this is referred to as reactive maintenance.

It is maintenance that is being performed in reaction to the failure. The types of failures, and so the reactive maintenance required to solve them, can differ. We’ve mentioned these different types briefly below, so you can have an idea of the issues that reactive maintenance is needed to fix.

The goal is always to restore the equipment so that it functions again and is reliably operational for the near future. If it cannot be repaired to how it was before the breakdown then reactive maintenance tries to get the equipment to operate as close as possible to the original function.

If something has broken down and you need it to be repaired, you want reactive maintenance.

Below we have gone into more detail on what reactive maintenance often looks like and involves and how AMS Solutions can provide reactive maintenance services in the Manchester and North West area.

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What does Reactive Maintenance involve?

Reactive maintenance can be split into several different types, so every reactive maintenance job looks slightly different depending on the job, the problem, and the workplace in which the problem has occurred. With reactive maintenance, the repairs and maintenance are performed after the problems have revealed themselves and interfered with the equipment already.

Breakdown maintenance is necessary where the equipment won’t start at all, which usually means extensive repairs are required. These are often urgently needed to get work back on track, but they’re not serious enough to be classed as an emergency.

Then there is RTF maintenance, or Run-To-Failure maintenance, where a failure is predicted to occur and then the equipment is purposely run until that failure occurs. At that point, traditional reactive maintenance can take place to solve the issue. A very simple example would be letting a light bulb burn out to replace it instead of having it burst randomly during the working day.

Corrective maintenance is where reactive maintenance is required for equipment that hasn’t failed totally. There is an issue that may affect production or standard operation but it’s not getting in the way of workflow yet. Think of repairing a single faulty part of a larger whole that, if left untreated, may cause a full equipment failure in the future.

Emergency maintenance is reactive maintenance where the issue may present a health and safety concern, and so must be treated more urgently than other issues. They are more serious than standard breakdowns and other reactive maintenance types, and so they’re usually allocated to other services that can be on-site ASAP if an emergency does occur.

What does the typical reactive maintenance job look like? Reactive maintenance almost always involves repairing electrical or mechanical equipment, but the nature of the job can vary.

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AMS Solutions is equipped to take on many different reactive maintenance jobs. Here are just a few examples of the repair and maintenance jobs the team can handle:

  • Repairing a malfunctioning door entry system.
  • Repairing operational errors with AV installations.
  • Repairing and properly testing troublesome motors.
  • Repairing light fittings in offices, showrooms, and other brightly lit environments.
  • Repairing emergency light systems and testing them so that they function during emergencies.
  • Repairing light-adjacent equipment like ballasts and LED drivers.
  • Repairing broken or malfunctioning plug sockets.
  • Resetting Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) and inverters.
  • Preventing circuit breakers from nuisance tripping and causing electrical disturbances.
  • Repairing faulty heating systems
  • Repairing leaks and faulty plumbing

AMS offers Reactive Maintenance services

AMS Solutions staff a skilled team of engineers and technicians that are ready and on-call for many different forms of reactive maintenance that involve electrical, heating or plumbing repairs. If you’re anywhere in the North West and need a qualified professional at your site within just 2 working days after booking them, then AMS Solutions have you covered.

Our team at AMS Solutions supply a variety of spare parts, allowing them to complete many of their repairs quickly and with minimal disturbance to the workplace. In the case where more parts may be required, our access to a sophisticated dealer support network ensures that we can get the necessary parts and materials for competitive prices.

We also have an Emergency Breakdown Service that covers immediate repair and maintenance issues. Where typical reactive maintenance won’t be enough, this service covers situations where the issue presents an emergency in the workplace.

Please note, if you require urgent assistance, then we would recommend that you utilise our Emergency Breakdown Service.

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