RRG Group – Toyota/Lexus

Over the space of just a few weeks, AMS Solutions were able to design and deliver the optimal EV charging solution and dynamic power management for Toyota/Lexus dealerships within the RRG Group, allowing them to continue to push forwards with innovation and growth.

A few months ago, we were approached by one of the biggest car dealer groups in the North of England- the RRG Group. With fifty years of innovation under their belts, they wanted to continue their growth by adding electric vehicles to their prestigious Toyota/Lexus dealerships

To do this, they needed a fast and reliable EV charging facility that would allow them to sell and quickly charge electric vehicles for test drives as well as help them to answer customers’ questions about EV charging. In total, they needed to install EV chargers in twelve Toyota dealerships and two Lexus dealerships, while also following Toyota GB’s strict brand standards.

Despite suggestions that they contract other (bigger) players in the industry, AMS Solutions were offered this opportunity as we have a long-standing working relationship with the RRG group and a proven track record.

Overcoming multiple challenges

To help the RRG Group achieve their objectives, our team at AMS Solutions had a double task; both installing the ABL electric vehicle charging equipment and being responsible for commissioning the dynamic load management at each of the fourteen dealerships.

For optimal charging, we installed both EMH2 and EMH3 units across the branches. Each offers the perfect solution for EV charging, allows load management and offers remote software updating. Additionally, we provided them with ABL kits that provide access to an online dashboard – ‘backend’. This enables the dealerships to turn EV chargers on and off so that they can control and optimise power usage

Each dealership had its own individual power needs and one of the key challenges that we faced was that some of the branches didn’t have the necessary power for long-term EV charging. To remedy this, we turned our attention to dynamic load management. When done effectively, this can help to optimise the charging load placed on a property, evenly distributes electricity and ensures that vehicles can be charged at full capacity whilst protecting the energy grid.

To meet each dealership’s needs, we needed to negotiate, and project manage the dynamic load management for each branch with the distribution network operators and National Grid so that each dealership had the right access to power for electric vehicle charging. Once we’d done that, we needed to set up the dynamic load systems and configure them so that each dealership had the right capacity.

This involved a lengthy consultative process both with the RRG Group, the distribution network operators and National Grid to find the optimal solution. By taking into consideration factors such as how many vehicles needed access to EV charging, the power that each car dealership already had access to and both current and future potential needs, we created a bespoke solution for each dealership.

There were also additional challenges that we faced when working on dynamic load management for each branch such as unique topography. This meant we often had to work with providers such as Cadent and National Grid to negotiate issues such as gas pipes and high voltage cables to complete each installation.

Electric vehicle charging point for Lexus vehicles
Electric vehicle charging points at RRG Mazda and Lexus, Stockport.
Installed by AMS Solutions.
© Darren Robinson Photography

A seamless transition to EV charging

Despite the complexity of the task, the entire project was completed in just 8 weeks. At all times during the project, we ensured that the dealerships could operate as normal with the minimum of disruption. We are proud to report that each Toyota/Lexus dealership across the RRG group is happy with the bespoke EV charging solution we developed for them and that the strict brand standards stipulated by Toyota GB have all been adhered to. They now have the facility to sell and charge electric vehicles now and for the future. With 2030, and the ban on fossil-fuel dependent vehicles on the horizon, these dealerships are now ahead of the curve.

From consultation, design and delivery, we provide a turnkey solution for EV installation and are the first company in the UK to provide a complete ABL certified commission in line with strict brand standards.

Be part of the greener, cleaner tomorrow. Contact us about our bespoke EV charging solutions today.