Solar Panels and the Pigeon Problem

Once you have put a sizable investment into commercial solar panel installation, you will want to protect that investment as much as possible. While solar panels require little to no maintenance over their lifespan, there is one menace that unfortunately can prove to be a pin for solar panels – the pigeon. If it is not smattering your new panels with poo, they are looking to nest in your solar panels due to the warmth they generate. Aesthetically, it is not the look you want for your business. The question you want to know is: Can you pigeon proof solar panels?


Pigeon-proofing your commercial solar panel is an essential task, and it can be done by yourself or by professionals. However, it is going to cost you.

Solar panel protection may not sound like a pressing issue when you first have your panels installed. You probably don’t expect pigeons to find your panels within the first week. Ideally, you would have your solar panels pigeon-proofed as soon as you have them installed, as the UK is the long-considered home of the unpopular pest – and solar panels are among the most alluring prime real estate for a pigeon to set up home.

Leaving Pigeon Problems Too Long

Any solar panel specialist will tell you that leaving pigeons in your solar panels will cause considerable damage. A pigeon isn’t going to care about your drive for renewable energy conservation – they just want shelter and a warm cosy home at your expense.

Nesting materials include twigs, leaves, debris, and sticks that will continue to build up in your panels. If you have a sizable storm (common in the UK), those sticks and twigs can scratch your panels and build up to a collection that covers your panels. Droppings are the true nuisance. How often have you been greeted by bird droppings on your car window that stick around – even on a rainy day?

Bird droppings that find their way into your panels can block the sun’s rays and affect the efficiency, with an acidic nature that can remove paintwork and cause further damage. Bird droppings can also spread disease and infection.

Structural Damage

Another benefit of pigeon-proofing is the protection of your panels from any structural damage. As well as nesting, pigeons can greatly affect the roof tiles while they live in your panels.

Roof tiles commonly get damaged from the constant movement of pigeons across your roof. The loosening of tiles can greatly affect the panels that they are placed around, all because the pigeon menace finds your panels a desirable home to stay in and raise their offspring.

When installing commercial solar solutions with AMS Solutions, take the time to ask about pigeon proof solar panels – especially if you have a lot of bird activity in your area. Contact the team at AMS Solutions today for power solutions Manchester.

pigeon proof solar panels

Solar Panels and the Pigeon Problem


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