Interesting Solar Energy Facts for Your Next Board Meeting

Despite all of the benefits that renewable energy conservation brings to businesses in the UK, some board members will look at the upfront costs and find any way to argue against moving forward with commercial solar panel installation. It can be frustrating for many who understand the potential that it can have for their business, and harder for them to change the perception challenge with older board members that adopt the ‘Ain’t broke, don’t fix’ mentality. Is there any way to sway their thinking and make them understand why commercial solar solutions are the best investment for their future? AMS Solutions has your back with some solar panel facts for you to bring to the table.

Solar is Cheaper

Straight out of the gate, you can combat them where it matters the most – the company chequebook. It is going to take a sizable upfront cost for installation. However, with more affordability as the technology has improved and material costs have decreased, it is now cheaper than ever!

As solar panels have become more popular, the cost has declined thanks to widespread implementation and technology making manufacturing more efficient. Today solar has gotten so good that it is much cheaper than the fossil fuels your company is currently using.

25+ Years of Life

Solar panels generally have a life expectancy of 25 years, but many have been known to outperform that expectancy. That means that your company can enjoy the benefits of solar energy for 25 years without any issues.

25 years is not a hard limit and the panels will remain above 80% during that timeframe. You also won’t need to rely on replacement parts or costs as a commercial solar panel has no moving parts and requires little to no maintenance throughout its lifespan.

How About Making Some Money From Your System?

The board will want to focus on what money you are making and quickly do away with what areas are losing the company money. Well, the good news is that a commercial solar installation can make your company some extra income.

You can sell your unused solar energy to the National Grid, making that free excess energy stored in your solar battery a very profitable additional income for your business. Your company will receive credit for this energy, which can go a long way to offsetting your energy bills which will already be much lower thanks to commercial solar.

With these solar panel facts, what more could your board want to hear than commercial solar solutions that make the business more profitable and in good standing?

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solar panel facts

Interesting Solar Energy Facts for Your Next Board Meeting


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