The Commercial EV Vehicle Hurdle

2024 has seen a boost in electric fleet vehicles as the country takes great strides in eliminating carbon emissions. However, for many business owners who remain on the shelf and continue to use older, fuel-consuming vehicles throughout their fleet, the questions around the challenges and hurdles can be answered by talking with professionals in commercial EV installation.

When you look at the positive impact on company reputation that switching to an EV fleet has – reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting cleaner air, and decreasing fossil fuel reliance – it is fantastic PR and something that will draw more business from like-minded organisations. So why the hesitation?

There is no doubt a list of challenges that will take time to overcome when you press go on an EV charging installation Manchester for your company, but it is not a mission: impossible to achieve.

Driving Electrification 

In the UK, the transport sector emits more greenhouse gasses than any other at 26%. Commercial fleets emit around 34 million tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Transferring your fleet to an electrified alternative will take a great deal of carbon emissions out of the atmosphere, a fact that the government used as an imperative and made subject to legislation. Under the mandate, any sales of new, non-zero emission vehicles weighing 26 tonnes and under will be phased out by 2035, with everything being zero-emission by 2040.

2023 saw many forward-thinking fleet operators move ahead to electric commercial vehicles by 21%, but the major barrier has been cost. Commercial fleets are typically replaced every 5 years, making it more costly with electric commercial models. Similarly, installing multiple on-site EV charging stations Manchester is very costly to get everything instigated. Until parity in the cost of EV vehicles and returns on the EV charging installation Manchester, the total cost of operation will remain a significant barrier for many.

Exploring Challenge

Solutions to the challenges come as varied as the challenges themselves, and each depends on the circumstances of the business and the site they run from.

The business can have an owned and operated fleet charging installation infrastructure for charging its fleet and a charge as a service setup – allowing for other electric vehicles to find available charging points. However, you cannot conquer a hurdle without a comprehensive analysis of what is available and what is required. You do this by talking with AMS Solutions about power solutions Manchester.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team can investigate your site and discuss where your business wants to go in the future, allowing for growth and accommodating advances in EV fleet potential.

Contact our team to have a serious discussion about EV charging stations Manchester.

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The Commercial EV Vehicle Hurdle


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