workplace EV charging

2024 will see even more emphasis on switching to electric vehicles for public and commercial use. Areas such as supermarkets, office buildings, sports grounds, private parking, and commercial facilities will see a shift towards workplace EV charging stations over the next 12 months as we edge closer to the UK’s net zero goal. As a […]

EV Chargers

Among the main questions the team at AMS Solutions receives around commercial EV charging installation typically falls around whether electric car chargers are universal or if they differ. In essence, EV chargers are universal and will charge most electric vehicles. However, electric vehicle charging can be categorised into three differing levels representing different power outputs. […]

Commercial Maintenance

Running a commercial property is no small task. Various responsibilities fall on business owners over a year that requires safety and functionality to be paramount. While reactive maintenance Manchester is an ongoing responsibility, the new year is the perfect opportunity to have commercial maintenance conducted to ensure everything works. That can be carrying out repairs […]

solar panels

The first day of 2024 in Manchester started as a sunny day with clear skies, showcasing a brighter future ahead for the year. While many businesses remained closed on January 1st, this day is a perfect example of why commercial properties can truly benefit from making 2024 the year for commercial solar panel installation. The […]