Fleet EV Charging

Throughout the UK, commercial vehicles are the fastest-growing area in EV sales. When looking into the vast benefits switching a fleet to EVs provides, it is no surprise that forward-thinking business owners want a part of that pie. Many are attracted to the comparatively low maintenance costs of a fleet that runs on an internal […]

Battery Storage

Throughout the UK at this point in time, we feel the pressure of high energy costs and the increasing awareness towards global combat against rising temperatures. The severe drive to reduce carbon emissions has been the driving force behind many businesses choosing a stronger emphasis on commercial solar photovoltaic systems. Choosing solar panels to generate […]

Fixed Wire Testing

It goes without debate that you can not play too safe when dealing with any electricity within the place of work. Every employer has the legal duty to ensure their electrical installations throughout their premises operate safely and minimise serious or fatal risk, agreed under the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. The most fundamental duty […]

solar energy

Over the last few weeks, the UK has seen some of the sunniest and hottest weather in its history. Whilst many of us choose to put it down to too long in that harsh winter climate, or the other half choose to weigh in on climate change, we regardless see a scorching UK summer over […]