can you charge an electric car in the rain

Electric vehicles and fleets have seen a major increase in adoption in the 2020s throughout the UK due to their eco-friendliness and cost-effective benefits for businesses. When it comes to commercial EV charging stations, many people still have questions before committing. With the Northwest seeing some of the most unpredictable weather patterns throughout the year, […]

Solar Panel Myths

Across the internet, there is a wave of misinformation regarding commercial solar panels and their productivity on the UK shores due to the unpredictable weather. Just one redirection to the wrong page can lead you to determine that commercial solar panel installation is not beneficial for your business when it is just wrong information fed […]

installing commercial solar panels

With the winter months starting to pass by, many businesses are now focusing on an investment into commercial solar power installation with the brighter months on the horizon. 2023 was a year of exhausting financial burden for many business owners, resulting in record numbers of enquiries regarding more sustainable options for the new year. Spring […]