electrical rewiring

Discovering that your property requires a full electrical rewiring can be extremely overwhelming, imagining how much it will cost as well as how much disruption will take place. However, when comparing the dangers posed by faulty electrics to workers or the public, those concerns are very small. The cost of rewiring your commercial property is […]

How long does PAT testing take?

How long does PAT testing take? PAT testing may sound like an exhaustive procedure to examine your electrical appliances to ensure they are safe, but most PAT testing services conduct up to 30 tests in just one hour. The process includes plugging the appliance into the PAT tester, receiving a pass or fail and placing […]

EICR testing

Previously known as fixed wire testing Manchester, an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is the name for an in-depth assessment of your home or commercial property’s entire electrical system. Much like your car needs an MOT, your electrics needs EICR testing. To conduct an EICR test, certified electrical contractors visit your property and conduct testing […]

fire safety assessments

Smoke and fire are a deadly combination for your business. To prevent serious risk, it is crucial to prepare in the event of them happening. No one wants to think about the worst-case scenario happening, but failing to be prepared is a much worse reality. The best way to reduce hazards and ensure your building […]