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Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is the term used to describe testing the electrical appliances and equipment in your home or business. More often than not, electrical defects can be seen with the naked eye and therefore your PAT shouldn’t take too long to complete. However, some require some more extensive testing to spot the defects […]

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Maintenance refers to the action taken to keep something operating as it should or simply just in good condition. All business owners and commercial building owners should be aware of the importance of maintenance and how best to approach it. Reactive maintenance refers to the form of maintenance that is performed in reaction to a […]

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In layman’s terms, PAT or portable appliance testing refers to the checking over of electrical goods, equipment or appliances for businesses and public settings, making sure they are in full working order and safe to use. Whilst ‘portable appliance’ is an umbrella term, it typically refers to anything that has a plug attached and would […]

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A PAT certificate is given to a company or organization to prove their electrical equipment is safe to use. The service is inexpensive, and vital for reliable operation. The cost of a PAT test is generally determined by the number of appliances being tested. Portable Appliance Testing, or PAT testing, is carried out by a […]

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Every business should know just how important regular PAT testing is. It not only keeps your essential electrical equipment in order but it also keeps your staff safe in case of electrical emergencies. But, how do you know when an item has passed its PAT testing? It’s quite simple, there will be a PAT test […]