solar energy production

Bright sunny days with hot temperatures are what people generally picture when it comes to optimal solar power generation. While sunny days in the middle of summer yield an adequate level of solar energy production, those believing that the shorter days of the winter months provide much less may be in for a surprise. Word […]

commercial LED lighting

In office and commercial spaces, replacing traditional lights with commercial LED lighting power solutions Manchester has seen rapid growth in the 2020s to become one of the most popular switches. There are many benefits for businesses with a lot of lightning needs in making the switch, but to truly benefit, you weigh the costs and […]

EV Charging Points

More and more of the UK population are becoming acutely aware of the effects of climate change, and implementing a wave of lifestyle changes to do their part. Many people are now shifting away from traditional fossil fuels and looking into sustainable solutions, which include switching to electric vehicle use and installing EV charging points. […]

photovoltaic systems

Every business owner naturally assumes the spring and summer seasons are the best times for the installation of commercial photovoltaic systems. While that is undoubtedly true, many business owners fail to realise that the ideal time for commercial solar panel installation is during the autumn and winter seasons. If solar adoption is on your radar, […]