Switching to Workplace EV Charging

2024 will see even more emphasis on switching to electric vehicles for public and commercial use. Areas such as supermarkets, office buildings, sports grounds, private parking, and commercial facilities will see a shift towards workplace EV charging stations over the next 12 months as we edge closer to the UK’s net zero goal.

As a business owner, you should be thinking about EV charging installation Manchester at your premises for customers and staff members.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Take a look at your car park and weigh-up how many customers and employees you have. Also, take time to count how big your fleet of company vehicles is and how long all vehicles are parked for. If it is an office setting, the cars may be parked for 8 hours a day, whereas a supermarket or store may only see customers parked for an hour.

Would your premises benefit more from wall-mounted chargers or pedestal-mounted charging stations, and do you have available room for either? Also, where is your incoming power situated to be able to determine the most cost-effective position for a charging station?

Knowing some or all of these answers will help you determine the next steps of commercial charging installation.

Professional Installations

All commercial EV charging installation conducted by the team at AMS Solutions meet the required safety standards and provide the minimum environmental impact and carbon footprint.

As a provider of net zero power solutions Manchester, the team at AMS Solutions helps forward-thinking businesses transition to electric vehicles and gain the required EV charging infrastructure. Our mission is not to upgrade your brand – it is to aid your business in becoming a leader in a cleaner future. Installing EV charging stations at your business is a step in leading the change in sustainability and catering to the needs of your customers and employees long into the future.

Playing a Bigger Role

Transferring your fleet to electric vehicles and promoting the availability of EV charging stations for your staff and customers plays a role in the future of your business.

With more and more electric vehicles sold every year and the phasing out of traditional forms of fuel consumption, EV charging is a bonus for your brand identity and a positive imprint on your social status as a company. For more information on workplace EV charging installation and renewable energy conservation for your business, contact the team at AMS Solutions today, your all-in-one provider of power solutions.

workplace EV charging

Switching to Workplace EV Charging


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