Restaurants and EV Charging: A Full Serving for Customers

At this point in history, we are seeing a lot of excitement with EV charging potential – and that is because many industries are yet to fully get on board. Once they are onboard and transformed with the potential for electric vehicle charging stations. If we were to pick just one of those industries yet to fully embrace EV charging installation, it would be the restaurant industry – and it is a pretty big potential to tap into.

How the Customer Thinks

If you run a burgeoning or successful restaurant, the best thing that you can get is out-of-town customers frequenting your establishment. The best way to pull in those far-reaching customers is by having ev charging stations Manchester in your car park.

Think about this – there are more and more people with electric vehicles that are looking for ways to charge their vehicles while they are shopping or doing business throughout the day. At some point, they will want to both eat and drink as well as find a place to charge their vehicle. Effectively, you are getting more customers because you are giving them what they need twice over.

Once they are getting their car charged, they will want to stay in your restaurant for longer until it is fully charged. That means possibly spending more, and having more drinks and food. That brings you even more profit per customer.

Extra Visibility

Do you know how many times someone asks for the location of any charging stations when in your town? What if we told you that commercial EV installation at your restaurant is going to make you more visible from strong word of mouth from a rapidly growing EV community?

That means that you are getting a ton of free advertising, increasing your reach and brand awareness and handing you some very loyal customers. Imagine how many people are going to stop off after work to charge their car for the trip home – or even choose your venue as their lunch hour dining!

By charging a fee for the use of your charging points, you can convert that expense of installation into another revenue stream for your business. You could even create a perk for them by giving them charging credits in exchange for how much they spend on food and drink.

In this scenario, your business profits will only increase whilst gaining valuable customers.

If you own a restaurant, you are at a critical time where you can become the go-to place for EV owners. For more information on EV car charger installation and power solutions Manchester, contact the team at AMS Solutions today. It’s certainly food for thought.

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Restaurants and EV Charging: A Full Serving for Customers


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