Considering EV Charging Stations at the Workplace?

Electric vehicles are no longer an eco-friendly fad. EVs have been on the ascent throughout the last few years towards total market domination in the decades ahead.  Whilst electric vehicles had the expected shaky starts and problem-solving periods, they are now beginning to become a nationwide institution. However, the slow implementation of EV charging stations in everyday workplaces is a constant headache for employees who have switched to the EV revolution. As the government’s net zero aim is in full swing, forward-thinking businesses are now at the forefront of innovation by installing EV charge points for their staff.

At AMS Solutions, we provide the considerations to help your business onboard the green evolution.

Determining Your Needs

Before diving straight in, take some time to understand your business’s EV car charger installation needs. It is crucial to know that the charger you choose is capable of covering everything you need it to do.

You will need to calculate the number of electric vehicles you have on-site currently – and how many you will be expecting in the future. You will need to factor in how frequently those vehicles need to charge. That is key in calculating how many charging stations your business will need. Retail businesses could get away with installing two or three stations for customers but, if your company runs a fleet of electric vehicles that require charging overnight, you would need multiple stations.

Tethered and Untethered

There are two types of EV charging points available; tethered and untethered. Tethered cables prevent theft or accidental removal from the charge points, yet they are restrictive in vehicle compatibility. Untethered charge points offer better flexibility but would rely on the EV owner having their cables.

Ev charging stations Manchester also come at varying speeds, so you need to know upfront how quickly your vehicles would need charging to install the appropriate system.

Determine a Location

You need to factor in the best location for your commercial EV installation. That could be indoors in a garage setting or external – wherever would be best for your business and employees to access.

As well as the ChargePoint, you factor in enough room for signage and floor markings to signify their existence and health and safety. If indoors, you will also have to factor in lighting for the area if none already exists.

At AMS Solutions, we help many businesses transition into EV charging locations, from small one-station units to large corporate and commercial requirements. Contact our expert team today to help determine your needs in EV charging stations and for all health and safety services Manchester.

EV Charging Stations

Considering EV Charging Stations at the Workplace?


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