Why it is Time to Install EV Charging at Your Business

Being an employer comes with many responsibilities, and a lot of that includes making changes for the better when required. Although it can be costly to implement changes, they tend to be an investment in your company’s future. One of the changes happening in the world today is positive environmental impact, with most companies adopting greener and more sustainable elements to their business. A part of that has been the introduction of electric vehicles at work and, more significantly, EV charging capability.

The Benefit of Workplace EV Charging

When we say the benefit of EV charging stations at your workplace, we encompass a variety of benefits. It not only benefits your employees who have electric vehicles but benefits you as a business owner.

With financial support available through the Workplace Charging Scheme, there is no doubt that your business stands in a much better position with EV charging stations. When you drive an electric vehicle, it is convenient to have a station at the workplace so that your car can charge whilst you work. That eliminates the need to spend a lunch hour looking for the nearest charging station so your battery does not run out on the trip home.

A workplace EV charging installation Manchester is also cost-effective for you and your employees against charging it at home, especially if you provide free or subsidized charging. For employees with long commutes to work every day, they will appreciate the savings on the skyrocketing petrol or diesel costs the UK is currently experiencing.


The greater good with electric vehicles is that they produce zero emissions. That means that your company’s electric chargers are helping to reduce that carbon footprint further.

Sustainability is a word that has become very appealing to many parties, and the more sustainable the company can prove to be, the more appealing to potential customers and the higher up over your competitors you stand to become. Offering EV charging at your company is one of the best employee benefits you can provide, showing them that you are committed to sustainability and change for the greater good. It shows that you have your employee’s interests at heart.

That level of commitment to your employee’s satisfaction pays off in a win-win scenario. If employees don’t have to worry about where to access a charging station, they will be less stressed and remain focused on their work. That will have a positive on their productivity and satisfaction in their position, which every business should have as the main focus.

Investing in EV charging for electric vehicles at work brings great satisfaction and drive to your business. Contact the team at AMS Solutions today to discuss your potential for power solutions Manchester.

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Why it is Time to Install EV Charging at Your Business


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