Debunking the Solar Panel Myths

Across the internet, there is a wave of misinformation regarding commercial solar panels and their productivity on the UK shores due to the unpredictable weather. Just one redirection to the wrong page can lead you to determine that commercial solar panel installation is not beneficial for your business when it is just wrong information fed to you. When the team at AMS Solutions meets with business owners and discusses commercial solar solutions, there is always at least one solar myth that we have to debunk. We decided to pull up the most common solar panel myths that we have to set straight to provide you with the facts.

Solar Panels are Only Effective With Sunny Weather

This myth is possibly the most overused and fed of all of them. Here is the truth: solar panels do not need blazing sunshine to generate electricity. All they need to generate electricity for your business is daylight – and that always comes around.

It can be the dead of winter with grey skies and no blue skies, and your solar panels will work hard to make free electricity to power your business. They will also work during harsh rainy days, which is also a benefit in helping them keep clean from debris and dust. The secret to your commercial solar panels functioning in cooler climates is that the cells inside panels will function more efficiently in generating electricity due to the cooling provided.

Therefore, as long as the sun rises, you benefit from a solar panel.

Solar Panels are Not an Economical Investment

You may be reading early posts about solar panels when the technology first became available. Yes, granted, it was an expensive purchase for a business in the early days of solar adoption – that is true.

However, by 2024, technology has vastly improved and more demand resulted in prices for commercial solar power installation dropping significantly. Solar panel prices have dropped between 50-70% in the UK since 2010! Granted, prices for solar panels will vary depending on where you are situated in the UK and the complexity of the installation, but they still come with a 25-year warranty of worry-free solar generation.

How quickly you recoup your initial costs will depend on various factors that we will be happy to pinpoint with you during a consultation.

Solar Panels Require So Much Maintenance

We don’t know where this rumour originated, but it certainly is a solar panel myths and not steeped in fact. Solar panels require little to no maintenance when professionally installed.

Solar panels generally are installed at an angle that helps them to keep clean, as the UK rainwater plays a huge benefit in washing them down and eliminating any debris lying on the surface.

As you can see, there is not always truth to anything you read on the internet, you just need to take advice from professionals in that area instead of the internet myth. Contact the team at AMS Solutions today for facts on solar panel installation Manchester and power solutions Manchester.

Solar Panel Myths

Debunking the Solar Panel Myths


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