Is It Safe to Charge Electric Vehicles in the Rain?

Electric vehicles and fleets have seen a major increase in adoption in the 2020s throughout the UK due to their eco-friendliness and cost-effective benefits for businesses. When it comes to commercial EV charging stations, many people still have questions before committing. With the Northwest seeing some of the most unpredictable weather patterns throughout the year, one question asked is: Can you charge an electric car in the rain. At AMS Solutions, we are happy to state that – Yes! Electric vehicles can charge during rainfall, but some safety measures need to be taken.

Charging During Rain

When charging an EV during rainfall, it is essential to ensure all charging equipment is thoroughly grounded with no exposed wires or other hazards. It is also crucial to avoid getting wet whilst handling the equipment, as water can conduct electricity and increase the potential of an electric shock.

The good news is that many EV charging installation Manchester projects are designed to be weather resistant – but we would still recommend that caution is exercised when using them in wet weather conditions. By being cautious, EV owners can continue to enjoy the convenience and cost savings throughout the year with no issues.

All electric car charging stations Manchester are designed to be weatherproof and tested to ensure they can withstand the onset of snow, rain, and other adverse conditions. You must caution that your EV charging cable is not lying in a puddle of water and that your charging station comes equipped with additional safety features – such as ground fault circuit interrupters that will prevent electric shocks in wet conditions.

Safety Measures

Can you charge an electric car in the rain? Overall, there is no need to worry about EV charging during rainfall. If the station is professionally installed and maintained, and basic precautions taken, the charging process will continue to be safe and efficient.

In addition to using a weatherproof charging station, you handle the charging equipment with increased care. Ensure that your hands are dry when handling the cable and plug, and ensure that both are free of water before plugging them into the vehicle. Avoid touching any equipment if you are standing in a puddle of water, and avoid using the equipment if it is submerged.

Following these simple measures will help prevent any electrical hazards when charging your electric vehicles in the rain.

Charging your EV fleet in the rain is possible – as long as these precautions are taken. By following these guidelines, you will benefit from EV charging for your business all year round with no issues. Contact the team at AMS Solutions today for more information on commercial EV charging installation.

can you charge an electric car in the rain

Is It Safe to Charge Electric Vehicles in the Rain?


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