EV Use in Business: From Fantastic Opportunity to Inevitability

When thinking of transitioning to electric vehicles and looking at the percentage of electric vehicles used throughout each business sector today, it is easy to see how a once fantastic and bright opportunity for business owners has become more of an inevitability for full-scale adoption.

When you collate data on carbon emissions throughout the planet, the transport sector accounted for the larger proportion of carbon emissions at 29%, accelerating climate change more than any other. With concentrated efforts in decarbonizing the electricity supply through renewable energy conservation sources such as solar panels and battery storage, transportation inevitably has become the next big challenge for organizations.

The best way for these organizations to contribute to the reduction of climate change threat is by transitioning to electric vehicles in their fleet and providing at-work EV charging stations Manchester for employees by switching their parking lots into EV-friendly spaces.

The range of benefits becomes even larger than having environmental friendliness at the core of the switch. If you are considering electric vehicles, here are the additional benefits you stand to gain.

Reduced Costs/Increased Productivity

The transition to EV fleets is a process that reduces a business’s total cost of fleet ownership, transportation networks and public transport fleets. In significantly reducing fuel costs and taking advantage of government incentives and tax benefits, organizations stand to benefit from significant savings.

As you have undoubtedly noticed, the cost associated with EV vehicle prices has dropped in the last 12 months, becoming more and more viable and cost-effective for businesses to employ as a solution. Maintenance costs are smaller as EVs are much more reliable than those running on internal combustion engines, with fewer parts prone to failure.

With the implementation of at-work charging stations, you not only save on refuelling costs – you save on productivity time for your drivers.

Boosting Company Credentials

To become a sustainable organization, reducing your carbon footprint is an essential stage. As we approach the next decade, meeting environmental regulations and self-imposed goals will mean much more than LED lightbulbs and thermostat controls.

Preneting an EV charging infrastructure and transitioning a fleet into EVs provide businesses and public bodies with a more credible role in the reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions, and inspire a wider adoption of EV use. Being socially and environmentally responsible is now among the top priorities for business owners in today’s world.

At AMS Solutions, we provide full commercial EV installation and environmentally-conscious on-site energy solutions for businesses to capitalize on the opportunity of emissions-free transport. Contact our team today for EV car charger installation and move your company into the top tier of efficiency.

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EV Use in Business: From Fantastic Opportunity to Inevitability


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