Reactive Maintenance

Reactive maintenance (or breakdown maintenance) is a service to repair equipment, facilities or fittings in the workplace. When it comes to reactive maintenance Manchester, different approaches can be taken.

Every job tends to be unique due to the circumstances around the various issues, the work itself and the working environment the repair is confined within. Repairs can only complete once the problem has been identified and has begun to impact your equipment. If that machinery is fully unable to function, breakdown maintenance is required.

Quick Action Services

Typically, electrical breakdown services require quick action to reduce any company downtime – yet not classed as serious enough to be an emergency. An alternative maintenance form would be Run-To-Failure maintenance (RTF), which entails running the equipment until failure and then engaging traditional reactive maintenance to fix it.

Reactive maintenance serves one goal – addressing problems when they arise. There are typically two types of reactive maintenance strategies: Emergency and Corrective.

What Falls Under Reactive Maintenance?

Emergency maintenance refers to activity that requires immediate repairs to restore an asset’s operational capacity. It can also be a call to urgent safety requirements that need addressing. These are classed as priorities to avoid extended shutdowns and possible company losses. Factors such as replacement parts and repair scope can impact emergency maintenance.

Corrective maintenance is for problems that are yet to escalate into failures. That can be worn or rusted equipment or parts past their working prime, with disruption to production yet to occur. Corrective maintenance is about having foresight in restoring the asset to its optimal condition. Corrective maintenance can be undertaken when the problem is detected or scheduled for later to allow the company to organize resources.

Emergency maintenance is typically more expensive than corrective maintenance because it is reactionary, meaning there is little to no time to build company resources for it.

Expert Help

Whilst reactive maintenance is viewed as the lesser of the two approaches, successful facilities management relies on taking preventive steps and addressing unpredictable situations that could occur.

Often, the main issue with reactive maintenance in Manchester is finding the right qualified professional for the problem that has arisen. It can be your heating breaking down, your machinery failing to turn on or other aspects that can also affect your day-to-day running of the business to source the right people.

At AMS Solutions, our highly skilled and certified team can provide comprehensive reactive maintenance services in Manchester and the North West. If your business is experiencing an electrical breakdown, our team are happy to assist and get your company running as it should.

Contact AMS Solutions today for power services and reactive maintenance needs.

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Reactive Maintenance


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