Who can perform a PAT test?

Is your business in need of a new PAT test, and you aren’t sure where to turn? Perhaps you have set up a new business, and now the time has come for your PAT test, and you have found yourself lost in a sea of questions?

PAT tests can be tricky to navigate, especially for new business owners. You might find yourself wondering what a PAT test is and who you should be hiring to complete one for you. It leaves many of us unsure, confused, and a little stressed.

But no more! Today we are walking you through what a PAT test is and who can perform one! Prepare to leave here today as a PAT test expert ready to make your call and book a test!

What is a PAT Test?

Let’s have a little re-cap for those in the room that need it! A PAT or portable appliance testing is where your electrical goods, equipment or appliances are inspected to ensure they are safe to use and in full working order. PAT tests are required for businesses and public settings to protect employees and customers/members of the public.

Now, ‘portable appliance’ is a general term, but it applies to anything with a plug attached. Any appliance or piece of equipment that fits into your standard wall socket and requires power to function will be inspected as part of a PAT test.

A PAT test involves thorough internal testing to ensure that your item is safe for use. A PAT test’s job is to ensure there is no electrical fault or issues with the appliance that could be a hazard to you or others around you. If not, the items will be repaired or removed from use until they can be repaired.

Once the test is completed, you will receive a PAT certificate which can be displayed. It provides your customers with peace of mind and proves that your appliances and equipment are compliant and safe for use.

Who performs a PAT test when one is arranged?

Anyone who has a PAT testing machine can perform a PAT test. Usually, qualified electrical engineers are best to perform these tests as they understand wiring and can detect any electrical issues with ease.

We think it’s best to have a reputable company carry out your PAT test. You can put your faith in them and ensure that the work is done to the standard you require. After all, you want peace of mind when paying for a PAT test, don’t you? The last thing you want is a dodgy test to be carried out!

There are plenty of companies that you can choose from; a simple search online will pull loads of companies or independent electricians that can perform a PAT test for you!

For those in the North-West, why not try AMS Solutions? The reputable company is trusted and known for delivering excellent PAT tests! They are thorough and ensure that all appliances and electrical equipment are checked over in detail before approving the appliance as safe for use.

For those based in Manchester or the North West, AMS solutions provide Fixed Wire Testing or PAT testing to businesses that require it. AMS Solutions will come to your business and perform the PAT test, ensuring that your portable appliances are safe and in full working order. You will also be presented with your PAT certificate too, allowing you to provide proof that your appliances are up to code and safe to be used by the public and your employees.

How often should I have a PAT Test?

Currently, there is no legal requirement as to how often a PAT test should be completed in your business. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend having a PAT test conducted every two years for your entire business. It provides you with the peace of mind that your appliances are safe working order and reassures your employees and customers.

However, you can have a PAT test more regularly on appliances that are frequently used. Power tools used in commercial settings or cooking equipment should be inspected more frequently than a TV, for example. There is government guidance that you can follow regarding this if you are unsure.

It’s best to consider how often the appliances are used, their location, and the type of equipment it is when deciding how often to complete a PAT test. There is no official expiry date on a PAT test certificate, but you should re-test them regularly to ensure that your appliances are compliant and safe for use.

Undertaking a PAT test every 24-48 months is a good idea, although there is some leeway depending on the appliances and how often they are used.

How long will a PAT test take?

The time a PAT test takes varies depending on the size of your business and how many appliances need to be tested. If you have a large building, say an office with a few floors, and all items need to be checked, that’s a big job and is likely to take up the entire day. However, smaller premises might only take a morning to complete.

When you contact AMS Solutions or another reputable company, you can ask how long the work is expected to take. Usually, they will need to know how many appliances will be tested and the size of your premises before they can offer you an estimate.

Remember, if any issues need to be addressed, the test can take longer!

Final Word

And just like that, we have come to the end of our PAT test journey today. As you can see, PAT Tests need to be done regularly and by a trained professional to ensure that the appliances in your business are safe for use by either your staff or the public.

Those based in the North West and Manchester should use AMS Solutions and ensure that they regularly have PAT tests to provide safety for their workers and reassurance for their customers and members of the public. What are you waiting for? Book your PAT test today by heading over to AMS Solutions!

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Who can perform a PAT test?


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