How much does fixed wire testing cost?

Fixed wire testing is a legal requirement, and a necessity for a safe working environment.  Sometimes known as Electrical Installation Condition Reporting (EICR), fixed wire testing is done to ensure all the electrical installations in a property are working to a high standard.

Pricing for fixed wire testing is determined by the exact requirements of each property. This comprehensive service is carried out by skilled engineers, who assess every relevant circuit to ensure it is up to standard. Fixed wire testing doesn’t include any equipment that’s plugged in, as this needs PAT testing.

How much should a commercial property owner expect to pay for fixed wire testing?

The cost of fixed wire testing for a commercial property will generally be decided by the number of circuits that require testing. For a small to average commercial property, expect to pay from £150, upwards.

Most companies offering fixed wire testing will provide a base price for a commercial property. This will cover up to a certain number of circuits. This price is often between £100 to £200, depending on the number of circuits covered, and the company itself. Additional circuits will then be charged at an extra cost. Normally, the more circuits that require testing, the lower the cost of each additional circuit.

The cost for additional circuits generally range from £10 to £20. Again, this will vary depending on the amount and the company.

Some companies won’t offer a base fee, and will instead only charge based on the number of circuits. This may be more expensive for larger properties, but a better deal for smaller buildings with a limited number of circuits.

However, other factors will also need to be considered. The size of the property, the current standard of the circuits, and the time of day the tests occur will all have an impact on price.

Many companies will prefer to set the pricing based on the exact details of your property. That ensures the fees are accurate, and there won’t be any surprise hidden costs. It can be difficult to determine a set price without knowing the exact details of the commercial property. Some circuits will require more advanced testing than others.

Fixed wire testing is a legal requirement, and it is a vital service to ensure the safety of your building. As it only needs to be carried out on average every 5 years for a commercial property, it’s important to pay for a quality service.

Fixed wiring includes all the cables and cords, connections, switching devices, enclosures, fire breakers, and fuses or circuit breakers. These all need to be inspected during the test. The price reflects the time and effort required for such a high level, extensive service.

AMS Solutions offers fixed wire testing for a range of environments across the North West, including commercial properties. The prices are determined by your exact needs. Contacting AMS Solutions ensures you can get fixed wire testing carried out by experienced engineers, for a price based on your needs.

What factors impact on the cost? (Things to consider)

The main factor that will impact the cost of fixed wire testing is the number of circuits that need to be tested. However, other factors that may have an impact include the size of the building, the age of the circuits, and the time of day the test is carried out.

The number of circuits is the primary factor that will impact the price. Fixed wire testing pricing is often determined almost solely on how many circuits require testing. These tests are extensive, and they take time to be done correctly. Therefore, a property with a large amount of circuits will require significantly more work than a small building. If you have a high number of circuits to be examined, then expect the price to rise accordingly.

This size of the building may have an impact in other ways. In some cases, a company may add a charge for any difficulties likely to occur in finding the circuits. If it seems likely that part of the day will be spent locating circuitry, a company may charge extra to cover the time commitment. This should be discussed beforehand.

The age and quality of the wires and circuits may also be a factor. If it has been a while since the last fixed wire test was carried out, more work could be required to ensure everything’s up to standard. Fixed wire testing should be carried out every 5 years or after a change in occupancy, to avoid these issues.

In order to carry out fixed wire testing, the circuits need to be identified, and then visually and physically checked. To do this, the circuits must be disconnected. This means fixed wire testing can impact the running of the business. For that reason, many choose to arrange fixed wire testing for outside the businesses usual working hours. If this is an unusual time, or a weekend, then an extra charge may be applied. The alternative is to keep the testing during the working week, and sacrifice the business hours.

If a circuit fails the fixed wire testing, then it needs to be replaced or repaired (ideally on the same day). Depending on the circumstances, you may be charged again to have the test retaken. However, the repair might cover the need for this.

In some circumstances, the cost may be impacted by the type of circuits that need to be tested. Main panels, lights, plug sockets, distribution boards, and air conditioning are all the kinds of items covered by a fixed wire test. If a property had particularly unusual circuits, an additional cost might be required.

AMS Solutions provides fixed wire testing in Manchester and across the North West. Get in contact to discuss the unique needs of your property, and the extent of fixed wire testing required. The talented staff can provide you with a quote based on your circumstances, and a high quality service from trained and experienced engineers.

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How much does fixed wire testing cost?


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