Benefits of EV Charging Points for Businesses

EV or electric vehicle charging points are quickly becoming an essential addition to businesses up and down the country. As the landscape of vehicles is changing and moving toward a greener, more environmentally friendly future, the likelihood is that we will begin to see the ownership of electric vehicles increase. What this means for you, as a business, is that you will need to adapt to this change and make it easier for your staff and clients to be able to travel to you by providing adequate facilities for these vehicles in the form of good quality EV charging points.

 Why should these be installed?

Electric vehicle charging points are very beneficial for a business. As the way of the world changes and more and more people are seeking electric alternatives to their vehicles, it makes sense for businesses to begin to provide charging solutions for their staff and clients. Having an EV charging point area at your business can mean that your employees and visitors have a safe and convenient way for them to charge up whilst they work.

You will also be helping to do your bit for the environment by encouraging and making it easier for staff to choose electric vehicles. It is no surprise or secret that EV driving is the way forward, and anything that you and your company can do to encourage this important change will always be a good thing.

 Benefits for both businesses and the environment

The benefits of having EV charging points installed in your workplace or business location are numerous. From an environmental standpoint, you will be slowly but surely helping to reduce carbon emissions in your local area and the world as a whole.

By making it easier for staff and visitors to use electric vehicles, you may encourage them to take the leap and purchase one as their next car rather than a petrol or diesel vehicle. The easier it becomes to have an electric vehicle, the more people are likely to do it.

On a smaller (but just as important) scale, you may even help to improve comfort in the workplace. There will be less pollution entering your workplace if employees choose electric cars instead, meaning the volume of fumes from car engines will be reduced. You may think this isn’t an issue, but less pollution in the immediate area around your business means better air quality inside.

You may even experience less noise pollution, especially if you have a large company with hundreds of employees who all brought cars to work, as electric vehicles are famously quiet!

The workplace charging scheme: What is it?

The workplace charging scheme is a Government-run scheme in place for business, charities, workplaces and other organizations. In essence, it is a grant that can be applied for as a means of providing financial support for businesses to install electric charging points. At the moment, the scheme includes the payment of up to 20 electric charging sockets, covering £350 per socket. They also offer a discount of 25% on the installation of all 20 of them.

There is a stipulation in the terms and conditions that says that these charging points must be installed in an off road or off site area and that it is designated for employees of the establishment and visitors only.

Of course, if you want more, you can! You would just need to finance the extra yourself. It is a great starting point and incentive to get businesses prepared for the inevitable, especially since it is highly likely that EV will become the norm in the near future.

 How to get EV charging points installed in your business by AMS Solutions

Any Manchester-based businesses interested in having EV charging points installed should contact AMS Solutions.

Whether it is a workplace, or a commercial business premises, there is a solution for you.

AMS can help at every stage, from an initial site survey to preparatory groundwork, the installation and then commissioning.

Because we are committed to offering safe solutions that are kind to the environment, you can play your part too.

If you are interested in EV charging points and want to book a consultation, or you just want more information, visit the AMS Solutions website.

We are contactable by phone on 01204 216955.

You can also send an email to for any queries you may have.

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Benefits of EV Charging Points for Businesses


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