Knowing the Difference in Commercial Solar Installers

There are absolute standards that should always be a starting point when having commercial solar panels installed at your premises. With the rapid growth and implementation of commercial solar across the UK, it stands to reason that not all commercial solar installers will be equal in their professional standard.

Every installation has unique requirements and nuances,  so you want to know upfront if you have chosen the right company to handle your specific project installation. Here are some pointers to separate a professional company from ones you may want to avoid.


A PV installer should always appear professional in their dealings with you. From the concept stage to the project completion, you need to feel assured that the company you are working with is a solid hand and supportive professional body throughout each, communicating clearly at every level to keep your project on budget and timescale.

A professional installer will provide you with a single point of contact who will give regular updates and have all information and knowledge to answer any questions you have. When you have to chase individuals for information, there seems to be no transparency, or you are left waiting for answers until someone else becomes available – it may be enough of a red flag that you are not a priority to them.

Level of Experience

Don’t be afraid to ask about the level of experience your PV installer has upfront. Companies with a sterling reputation are very proud to showcase their expertise and will be able to communicate what options your business has.

An expert installer will know how to handle any problems in an installation and present alternatives in specifications, equipment and leading manufacturers. A professional installer will have your ROI as an interest – They will not want to saddle you with an ineffective system that will take decades to pay back on itself.

If your installer recommends a product simply because it is cheap, it is not necessarily good news. A system’s price reflects the value to your business – so a cheaper system may provide cheap results.

Trust in Professionals

If you want to trust the people installing your commercial solar panel system, you hire a professional company with a reputation. That ensures that the people working with you are always on hand to provide insight through every stage, highlight your benefits and present the best options not based on how cheap it is but on how they benefit your business and ROI.

Contact the team at AMS Solutions today to be assured you are working with professional commercial solar installers and providers of EV services.

Commercial Solar Installers

Knowing the Difference in Commercial Solar Installers


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