You Should Be a Business Making an EV Transition!

Are you currently trying to convince your boss or a board of directors that green means go? It usually always starts with just one person raising the potential of an EV transition (Electric Vehicle) for the business to start those thought bubbles growing – but how far along are you?

Whether the drive is to have an electric company car or the larger potential of your entire fleet being transformed into electric vehicles, that gear up for change is a positive step that will pay off. In truth, many forward-thinking business owners have jumped on the EV bandwagon, and are already in receipt of the financial and environmental rewards that the move has provided.

Let’s explore what awaits you on the other side of the green business transfer.

Business Money – What are the Savings?

Of course, we have to start with the economic savings – because the cost is everything to a business. We know that businesses such as yours have to make smart financial decisions. We also know that is a huge part of what makes EV transition the very best option.

EVs cost up to 80% less to operate than petrol and diesel vehicles that you currently have, which gives you a wide viewpoint on what those savings will be for your business. EVs generally cost between two and four pence per mile to run. A traditional vehicle is somewhere in the neighbourhood of ten to fourteen pence per mile.

When you buy EVs for your business, a 35% discount can be applied to the purchase price whether you use them for a fleet or as a company car for employees. That enables noteworthy savings from day one. That discount can also apply to electric vans and increases more for vehicles categorised as large. As an additional bonus, EV drivers won’t be required to pay road tax until 2025, also be free from congestion charges in London. That is one huge wave of bonuses for a company that switched to EV.


EVs are the most sustainable choice as they produce significantly fewer greenhouse gases and air pollutants compared to regular vehicles. Sure, they still have some environmental implications when being manufactured, but their life will not see emissions of soot or carbon dioxide – which is a great commitment to sustainability.

Installing EV charging stations Manchester at your business premises and implementing at-work charging is another way to improve employee satisfaction. That allows employees to charge at work, and even provide customers with that benefit so that you can create a great additional revenue stream when opened up to the paying public.

Now you are armed with the facts, it is time to open up the discussion with your workplace. For more information on EV car charger installation and power services, contact the team at AMS Solutions today – your greener partner for greater business and renewable energy conservation.

EV Transition

You Should Be a Business Making an EV Transition!


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