EV Charging and the Hospitality Sector

Preference towards electric vehicles is becoming more and more undeniable. The UK and European drive towards becoming the e-mobility leaders are creating a wave of positive influence on EV sales. By 2035, 40% of those sales will be electric vehicles – if not more.

It is safe to state that electric vehicles are not just here to stay – but will soon become the norm.

With more and more EV drivers on the roads, there is a growing expectation for businesses and venues to host EV charging points. That means that if you are a business owner with employees, a good percentage of them will want EV charging points at the work premises.

When it comes to the hospitality sector, the demand significantly increases when you combine the needs of your staff and your main focus of the business – guests.

EV is a Huge Business

AMS Solutions understands that EV charging is a booming business opportunity for the hospitality sector in terms of revenue generation and customer satisfaction. EV charging is proving to be a big draw for the hotel and restaurant industries – with cinema chains, casinos and leisure facilities also discovering the benefits.

When an EV owner wants to spend time watching a movie, working out at the gym or on a social occasion, having their vehicle charged during leisure time becomes a positive for using that particular venue. EV drivers choose places that cater to their needs, meaning EV chargers on your business premises puts you at the top of their list.

Today, EV drivers weigh their decisions to go places depending on their charging ability. That will grow as the years progress.

Attracting Tourism – EV Charging

Throughout Europe following the pandemic, EV registrations surpassed 1 million with EV vehicle sales increasing by 33% – and those numbers will be higher over the next year.

With the desire to conduct more tourism and travel with their families, EV owners today base their journeys and stop-offs based on destinations that have EV charging capabilities. Hotels and restaurants stand to get higher numbers of European travellers if they have a place to charge, putting your business top of the recommended areas and receiving bookings in advance.

EV owners are typically customers that have a higher-than-average household income, which means you stand to build a good reputation for service among them and the people they influence.

Establishment as a Leader

Installing EV charging at your business is a message to all clients that you go the extra mile in providing all levels of service over the competition. Taking part in the renewable energy revolution and helping to shape public opinion pushes your hospitality business into the highest levels of customer satisfaction and repeat business.

At AMS Solutions, we provide business owners with the perfect implementation of EV charging on their premises and understand the positive impacts. Contact our expert team to learn how EV charging can boost your business.

EV Charging

EV Charging and the Hospitality Sector


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