Solar Photovoltaic Systems in the Autumn

Every business owner naturally assumes the spring and summer seasons are the best times for the installation of commercial photovoltaic systems. While that is undoubtedly true, many business owners fail to realise that the ideal time for commercial solar panel installation is during the autumn and winter seasons.

If solar adoption is on your radar, AMS Solutions can inform you why it benefits you to act this time of year for renewable energy conservation.

Staying Ahead of the Spring Rush

As noted, the spring and summer seasons are the most prominent times for maximum solar generation. However, many business owners make the mistake of pushing ahead with solar power services well into the spring season.

With spring and summer becoming the busiest time of the year for solar installers, it affects average waiting times. By having your commercial solar installation implemented in the autumn months, your waiting time drastically reduces, and you can begin saving on electricity costs over the cold winter season when you need it the most.

Starting with your system and a battery storage setup means that by the time the peak spring months of April and May roll around, your system will already be saving your company money.

Winter Production

Some business owners will reconsider their stance on solar panels during the summer when everything from cooling units to high peak energy consumption will increase on their bills. The other falsehood is that they do not believe the winter will generate enough electricity.

The fact is that solar panels generate power all year round, so your business is getting the financial benefits of solar as soon as the system and panels are connected. Yes, winter production is less due to fewer sunlight hours throughout the day – and about 3% loss from snow blockage.

However, solar panels will operate more efficiently when cold outside to help counteract any losses.

Offsetting Winter Heating Costs

Installing commercial solar panels in the autumn and winter months means that your system is fully operational to offset high electricity bills.

That is incredibly important with the increased heating usage during the winter. Installing in autumn can work to mitigate the costs when your company furnace is running full time, and bills become astronomical against your bottom line.

If you believe that the autumn and winter months hold more benefits for commercial photovoltaic systems, contact the team at AMS Solutions today to start the conversation and beat the spring rush.

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Solar Photovoltaic Systems in the Autumn


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