Should Businesses Install EV Charging Points?

More and more of the UK population are becoming acutely aware of the effects of climate change, and implementing a wave of lifestyle changes to do their part. Many people are now shifting away from traditional fossil fuels and looking into sustainable solutions, which include switching to electric vehicle use and installing EV charging points.

Previously, electric vehicles were sparse due to limitations of charging points away from the home. Nowadays, many businesses, hotels, and car parks are providing EV charging stations Manchester. The benefits of ev charging stations Manchester for businesses are plentiful, including customer and employee attention and satisfaction.

As EVs are becoming more common in businesses, many businesses look for companies that provide the same green drive. Isn’t 2024 the time that your business joins the crowd?

Investing in an EV Infrastructure

With around 840,000 pure-electric vehicles and a further 520,000 plug-in hybrid vehicles recorded on UK roads, more charge point infrastructure is in demand – a huge opportunity for business owners.

Businesses cannot and should not ignore the power of EVs to attract new customers and business relationships. With many now seeking relationships that support green business initiatives, EV car charger installation at your business premises adds value to the experience of conducting business with you.

One of the positives of visiting your business for talks is the ability to charge their vehicle whilst they talk business, leaving a positive imprint on your meeting and positive word of mouth to other potential businesses and customers who operate such vehicles. A growing online trend is not only looking if buildings have parking, but also having EV charging. It has been invaluable to the restaurant industry, where many people will not want to drive out for a meal unless charging is available.

EV charging also opens up the doors for a wave of positive PR for your business, which attracts a larger world to working with your company.

Core Benefits

The benefit of commercial EV installation is attracting new customers who are wanting to stop for a few hours to charge their vehicles. If you are a restaurant, hotel, or place of entertainment, you stand to attract these customers into spending more money whilst they charge their car.

EV drivers also use a variety of apps that pinpoint where EV charging is available, meaning that your business can be referenced publicly as a nearby place for EV drivers to stop. Whether they choose to grab a coffee, do some shopping, or even go for a workout at your gym, listing your EV charging installation will put your business on the map for many businesses and individuals.

At this point, your business can truly benefit from offering what other businesses are slow to adopt, giving you a competitive edge. To find out how EV charging points and power services for your business can help increase your popularity, business prospects, and identity, contact the team at AMS Solutions today.

EV Charging Points

Should Businesses Install EV Charging Points?


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