Why PAT Testing is Important?

If you are wondering what a PAT test is and why you would require it for your business, AMS Solutions in Manchester has all the answers you need. PAT stands for Portable Appliance Testing, and it is the process for examining the safety of any portable electrical appliances you have within your business.

It detects any faulty electrical equipment so that they can be replaced or fixed before accidents occur. Electrical appliances are considered ‘portable’ when they have a lead attached to them that connects to a plug.

What is Requiring PAT Testing?

A typical commercial PAT test includes a visual inspection to ensure the equipment has no damage, with a more in-depth examination of insulation resistance, lead polarity and if the equipment is properly earthed. Once a PAT test is completed by a qualified electrician, all appliances are labelled either ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ – along with details of test date and an appliance ID number.

Any electrical appliances that are portable or movable that connect to your company’s main supply by plug and socket or cable require a PAT test. That means your vacuums, microwaves, kettles and laptop battery chargers. Anything considered ‘movable’ will be items like dishwashers or fridges if they are 18kgs or less.

Is PAT Testing a Legal Requirement?

PAT Testing Manchester is NOT a legal requirement, and no businesses have any legal obligation to have PAT Testing on their electrical equipment. However, as a business owner, you have a legal obligation to ensure all health and safety obligations towards your electrical equipment is adhered. The best way to ensure compliance is through PAT Testing.

Despite not being enforced by law, many insurance companies will require business owners to have PAT Testing conducted at least once per calendar year. Under the Health & Safety at Work Act of 1974, failure to comply with electrical regulations can result in a maximum fine of £5000 and six months imprisonment.

Despite not being a legal requirement, AMS Solutions encourages all businesses to conduct Portable Appliance Testing to be compliant with regulations and provide peace of mind.

Do New Items Require PAT Testing?

Purchasing brand-new electrical equipment does not guarantee compliance with electrical safety regulations.

As you can imagine, the rise of the internet has brought many cheap suppliers out of the woodwork, resulting in the sale of cheap knockoff products and electrical products that don’t follow proper checks from a manufacturer. We would steadfastly recommend that even new electrical items be submitted to a PAT Test or, at the very least, be checked to see if it is labelled for European Conformity or have suffered any damage during transportation or fitting.

To learn more about PAT Testing and power services, contact our friendly and expert team at AMS Solutions today, and keep your business safe and operational via electrical breakdown services and remediation.

Portable Appliance Testing

Why PAT Testing is Important?


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