How much does it cost to get a PAT certificate?

A PAT certificate is given to a company or organization to prove their electrical equipment is safe to use. The service is inexpensive, and vital for reliable operation. The cost of a PAT test is generally determined by the number of appliances being tested.

Portable Appliance Testing, or PAT testing, is carried out by a qualified worker who assesses the standard of smaller electrical appliances. PAT testing offers proof that an organization cares about the safety and maintenance of their electrical equipment. Not only does it prevent the likelihood of prosecution, it also gives invaluable peace of mind.

While PAT testing isn’t a legal requirement, it is highly recommended. A non-PAT tested appliance may be faulty, leading to accidents and potential lawsuits. A PAT test is charged per appliance, but there are multiple factors involved when determining a final price. These will all be discussed before the testing takes place.

What factors will impact the cost of a PAT test?

The cost of a PAT test is generally determined by the number of appliances that need to be tested. On average, a company charges between £1 – £3 per appliance. Some may charge lower, and the price per appliance may reduce when a bulk amount requires testing. In general, the more appliances that need to be tested, the higher the cost of a PAT test will be. The base amount per appliance will remain low.

There are companies that charge by the time that will be taken, rather than the number of appliances. This covers particularly difficult appliances that may require testing. Similarly, some companies charge a set price for up to a certain amount of appliances. This is beneficial for larger organisations, who require a bulk amount of testing.

The appliances themselves can also affect the price. The owner of a garage will require significantly different testing from that of a landlord. While both must get their appliances tested, the system itself will be different. A company may take this into account when determining a price.

Pricing may also include more than just the initial test. Some companies will charge for small benefits, which allow them to solve minor problems as and when they occur.

Included in the price will be the Pass and Fail labels. Companies may also provide you with a certificate, confirming the PAT certification. Some PAT testing companies may also charge a fee to have access to a computerized data sheet, detailing the results of each test. This allows the company to track each appliance via a number, for efficient future testing.

Before the PAT test, a set price should be agreed upon. This will be determined by an initial assessment and conversation. Factors such as appliances, time commitment, and extra benefits will all be taken into consideration. A price will be fixed before the PAT testing takes place.

When the testing is finished, the worker will discuss when the next test will be required. Until then, you can feel safe knowing the electricals are up to standard.

Do you need to pay more if an appliance has failed and needs retesting?

If an appliance has failed a PAT test, that means it isn’t safe to use. It needs to be removed from service, and either disposed of or repaired. A small fault may be fixed by the PAT test worker, but larger faults will require a separate service.

Once the appliance has been fixed, the company that did the repair may offer a PAT test certification. In this case, you won’t need to pay any extra.

However, if they don’t, you should contact the same company who did the initial test. You will need to pay again for the appliance to be retested, but it won’t be a higher cost than the original test.

By returning to the same company, the original failed test will be updated. This makes it easier to track the testing, and proves that the failed test is no longer relevant.

Each individual appliance is quick and inexpensive to test. In return, the owner is given safety and reassurance. The price will always be discussed beforehand, and is based on the number of appliances and the needs of the business.

To find out more information about booking a PAT test in Manchester, contact AMS Solutions. After an initial assessment, Portable Appliance Testing can be booked at a time that works for you, and carried out for an agreed upon price.

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How much does it cost to get a PAT certificate?


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