Is Battery Storage Alongside Solar Panels a Worthy Investment?

Throughout the UK at this point in time, we feel the pressure of high energy costs and the increasing awareness towards global combat against rising temperatures. The severe drive to reduce carbon emissions has been the driving force behind many businesses choosing a stronger emphasis on commercial solar photovoltaic systems.

Choosing solar panels to generate renewable energy brings unprecedented benefits for business owners, including overall cost savings, greater control and security of supply and increased sustainability. The kind of panels used are crucial to your solar system’s efficiency rates and lifespan.

A common concern for business owners on commercial solar solutions circles around the unused energy generated during daylight hours going to waste. Either your electricity surplus is fed back into the UK National Grid in return for small payments – or you can store it for later use with a battery storage system.

Solar Battery Storage

Solar batteries allow storing surplus electricity generated by the sun via your solar PV system (photovoltaic systems) and use it in hours when your business demands more energy than your panels generate. That is particularly helpful if your company operates late into the evening.

Without a solar battery storage connected to your solar panel installation Manchester, excess energy generated would go to the National Grid. Adding battery storage is an excellent way for preserving renewable energy – and helps maximise your return on investment.

How It Works

Solar PV battery systems work by storing direct current. When your solar PV system generates more energy than your solar panels produce, the excess stored energy is accessed from your battery.

Most solar batteries come with built-in inverters that turn DC into alternating current (AC), which powers your business for heating, lighting, appliances, devices and more. Some solar batteries are designed for integration with a solar PV system and share the same inverter that converts the DC generated by your solar panels to AC.

With solar PV and battery storage, you only draw electricity from the grid when the system does not generate enough and the energy in your battery has drained.

At AMS Solutions, we can advise and recommend the ideal battery storage system for your business’s power needs through our expet power services. If you want to transition to better power solutions Manchester for your business, our team has experience in all kinds of renewable energy technologies.

For info on commercial solar panel installation, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team. We’re here for all your facilities, safety and Net Zero power solutions Manchester needs.

Battery Storage

Is Battery Storage Alongside Solar Panels a Worthy Investment?


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