Fleet EV Charging: What You Need to Know

Throughout the UK, commercial vehicles are the fastest-growing area in EV sales. When looking into the vast benefits switching a fleet to EVs provides, it is no surprise that forward-thinking business owners want a part of that pie.

Many are attracted to the comparatively low maintenance costs of a fleet that runs on an internal combustion engine. Others find themselves more attracted to the monetary advantage of an EV in low-emission zones. Whatever the draw of these business owners, the inevitable transition to EVs has seen a boost in businesses adopting their own on-premises charging stations.

That has seen businesses eager to join the reliable infrastructure, having fast, reliable and affordable charging solutions that keep their fleet moving at a lower cost. If you are currently in the market to switch to an EV fleet charging, AMS Solutions has some factors to consider to prepare your business and premises.

Reliable Charging Solutions

For fully fluid and dependable EV charging stations Manchester, there are several requirements that you will have to have in place.

The most essential factor will be reliability. No matter if you are tradespeople or involved in the transportation of goods, your business has to rely on a dependable and speedy response, no matter your size. If you don’t have that set up, your customer service levels will drop – and public perception of your business will be inevitably impacted.

On a positive note, AMS Solutions are highly experienced and skilled in working with businesses of all sizes to determine the most reliable technology and options available for your company.

Site Surveying

A site survey is vital if you want a hassle-free, cost-effective EV car charger installation at your place of work.

Site surveys are a process that ensures installations run smoothly, on time and budget. This process is essential for helping you better plan and organise for future infrastructure when you increase your fleet size of EV vehicles. In most cases, these surveys determine whether you have available capacity on site to power your EV chargers in addition to current energy requirements.

Most surveys are quick depending on the size and complexity of your workplace and your plan for how many EV chargers you are looking to install.


Charging facilities that cater to businesses need to be very conscious of their accessibility, especially when running with different-sized fleets of commercial vehicles.

Fleet EV charging will require larger bays and extended charging cables to permit easier access for larger fleet vehicles. Despite what you may think, it is not always one size fits all when it comes to EV charging installation Manchester.

It has never been an easier time for business owners to future-proof their businesses and introduce forward-thinking, cost-efficient EVs to their fleets. Whether you are transitioning and phasing out fossil fuels or making a dramatic switch, AMS Solutions has the trusted expertise and technology to help revolutionise your business power solutions Manchester.

Contact our friendly team today for all commercial EV installation and power services for your business.

Fleet EV Charging

Fleet EV Charging: What You Need to Know


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