Why EV Charging Points Should Be On Your New Year Business Plans

The current drive in the UK to move away from traditional fuel for both financial and environmental reasons has created a massive wave of interest in commercial electric vehicles and commercial EV charging installation.

By 2035, UK government legislation will prevent the sale of petrol or diesel vehicles. To match the stock gap, the International Energy Agency (IEA) forecasts that worldwide EV stock will need to grow by 36% each year to reach 245 million by 2035. By installing EV charging stations on commercial premises, business owners stand to gain several crucial business benefits.

Hitting ESG Targets

Pushing forward with EV charging installation Manchester, business owners and landlords can improve their ESG credentials and achieve their net zero carbon targets. With the installation of charging stations, your business demonstrates its commitment to promoting sustainability and corporate ESG agendas.

As many businesses are focused on seeking greener alternatives and have preference in working with companies aligning with their values, this works as a solid seal of approval.

Future-Proof Benefits

While the implementation of EV charging points across the UK is slow, they will be a must-have in future developments due to the government emphasizing EVs.

Commercial real estate equipped with EV car charging installation can attract higher resale and rental values due to the added convenience and attraction toward investors. Some regions are implementing regulations that require a certain number of charging points in parking areas, especially in new developments. Building an EV supply chain remains the main strategic priority for the UK government and feeds into the ESG agenda.

In the future, waves of government incentives, grants, or tax credits for installing EV charging infrastructure may offset installation costs.

Increased Footfall

For commercial properties, providing EV charging points can increase footfall and encourage employees to spend more time in the workplace while their commercial electric vehicles are charging.

For restaurants and stores, this could lead to increased spending on-site boosting the company profits. That allows landlords, owners, and investors to position their commercial assets at the forefront of a transformative era. It also makes the business more appealing to other partnerships with their eye on long-term operations, highlighting that your business is one with an eye on being around in 2035 and beyond.

At AMS Solutions, our skilled technical team is helping transform businesses into future-prepared leaders in EV fleet operation. If your new year plan is to drive sustainability through green power solutions Manchester and EV charging stations, contact our friendly team today for reliable health and safety services Manchester

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Why EV Charging Points Should Be On Your New Year Business Plans


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