Avoidable Electrical Fire Risks in Your Business

Every business needs solid fire safety solutions to protect its staff, inventory and visitors to the site. For most business owners, a electrical fire would be costly and set their business back to a level their company cannot afford.

While fixed wire testing Manchester and health and safety services Manchester go a long way to preventing the potential of a fire breaking out in your place of business, there are steps that you can take to reduce risk.

Overloaded Plugs and Damaged Wiring

Two of the biggest causes of office fires, overloaded plugs and damaged wiring are also be the easiest to rectify before they become a problem. Overloaded plugs cause the sockets to burn out and spark, igniting plasterboard walls and materials around them.

Check the amp rating of any item you plug into one socket to ensure it does not exceed the safety level. Some items are more powerful and will require a socket themselves instead of being plugged into an extension or multi-plug outlet. Regular wiring inspections will ensure that wear and tear poses no risk.

Damaged wiring can cause shorting, and the sparks can ignite the surrounding materials. Check that your plugs and sockets are cold instead of hot, check for blown fuses and that your circuit breakers are not constantly tripping.

Non-PAT Tested Appliances

Without PAT testing Manchester, how will you know if a device  brought into your company is safe for use? Items like kettles, microwaves, lamps, fans and laptops all require testing to ensure they do not pose a fire risk.

If someone leaves a laptop plugged in overnight charging, it may increase the risk of an electrical fire – especially if the laptop is older. Not only is it posing a risk, but it is also increasing your energy bills. Ensure your staff understand that leaving equipment plugged in overnight that is not company PAT-tested is a huge risk. That also applies to using cheap replacement mobile phone chargers, with documented instances of these knockoff items causing fires.

Incorrect Lighting and Wiring

When your company has gone with an ill-equipped and unqualified handyman to install your lighting and wiring, it is of major concern. Not only will this increase the risk of fires breaking out to a higher level, but it can leave your employees open to shocks or burns.

Anyone who carries out electrical work around your business should be a registered electrician with the knowledge to ensure any work is safe and carried out to a high standard. That, in turn, protects your business not just from fires – but also liability.

At AMS Solutions, our skilled and certified technicians know how to protect your business with power solutions Manchester, covering everything from solar panel installation Manchester to commercial fire alarm maintenance to commercial ev charging installation. Contact our team today to ensure you are safe from fire risk.

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Avoidable Electrical Fire Risks in Your Business


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