What Myths Hold You Back?: The Commercial Solar Mistruths

The UK has changed its stance on solar power over the last decade, and, as a leading provider of power solutions Manchester, AMS Solutions has had its fair share of having to debunk the common commercial solar myths that many companies have raised.

Maybe you have raised these concerns around commercial solar when talked whether you should switch to renewable energy conservation. Here are some of the most common myths and why you should take no seriousness in them.

It Won’t Generate the Energy You Need

Every commercial property requires a different amount of power on any given day, with some businesses more energy-intensive than others.

What you may not be considering is that every provider of commercial solar panel installation will consult with the business owner on how much energy they use and when, and design the system specifically for the property on which the commercial solar panel is installed – A system designed to meet the property’s energy demands.

Systems are not a one-size-fits-all installation. They are designed to meet the dimensions of the specific business. We cannot provide a cost-efficient system if most of the systems don’t work out for the various companies – so it stands to reason that the chosen system is suited to your needs, not the other way around.

You Need a South-Facing Roof, or it’s Not Worth it

This is one of the biggest misconceptions. Sure, a south-facing roof will get the most direct sun exposure on the UK shores, but roofs facing every other direction get plenty of sun throughout the day – enough to power your business.

In decades past, solar panel systems were much more primitive. As with everything else, solar panels have evolved and upgraded. It would be crazy to think daylight only touches one side of your roof, with the rest plunged into darkness.

Even if the sun only touches your panels for half of the day, it will still provide enough energy for your specific system.

It Takes Too Much Upkeep to Stay Productive

We still shake our heads at this one. Commercial solar panels do not have many moving parts. They lay there in the sun and don’t have to reposition themselves.

The only maintenance you may need is an occasional clean – only when the rain is not doing it for you. The cleaning on your panels comes down to where your business is located. If you have a lot of trees around you, you may need to clear some leaves off of your panels in the autumn time – maybe clean off a bit of bird poo now and again if it hasn’t rained in a while, but nothing that requires a lot of money to do.

When you discuss the reality of commercial solar panel installation, common sense doesn’t always creep into the myths around them. That is why our expert team at AMS Solutions are the voices of common sense with all things commercial solar solutions.

Contact our team today to ask the important questions and get the answers to commercial solar myths.

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What Myths Hold You Back?: The Commercial Solar Mistruths


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