Flat Roof Commercial Solar Panels

Installation of commercial solar panels is a viable option for businesses whether they have a flat roof or a sloping pitched roof. Many UK businesses operate in commercial properties with flat roofs from decades-old construction in commercial or industrial environments. This is where flat roof commercial solar panels come in!

Some business owners are under the false impression that you need a pitched roof or it is north-facing to harness the power effectively. The truth is, as long as your roof is not shaded or obstructed from daylight, it can effectively generate renewable energy through panels. If your roof is shaded or obstructed, there are always other options for side-mounted or ground-level commercial solar panel installation.

Benefits of Flat Roof Commercial Solar 

There are a few benefits in installing commercial solar panels on a flat roof, but the most constant is harnessing free power from the sun.

However, there are also additional benefits exclusive to flat roof mounting for businesses. For instance, you are not limited to the type of solar panels you use. A flat roof will typically have much more room over a pitched installation. That also means you are open to more cost-effective commercial solar panel solutions. You can add more to become fully self-sufficient or use less space with just enough panels to make a difference.

Flat roofs do not dictate an angle, so panels can set to the perfect pitch for that particular building in a way that helps self-cleaning from rainfall. Another benefit is that flat roof installations are less visible from ground level, perfect for image-conscious business owners.

Are There Disadvantages?

Flat roof commercial solar installations do come with some additional considerations that have to be worked out and accounted for in the planning stage.

Flat roofs are designed much differently from pitched roofs and are not always constructed for loads bearing weight – especially if a long-standing building. The weight of the solar panels and the mounting system need to be perfectly worked out to ensure that the weakest parts of the roof are not affected. Panels on a pitched roof can bunch up together and leave no gaps, but gaps are essential with a flat roof installation so that they do not shade each other – which naturally will require the use of more space.

There may be additional considerations with your property, which is why it is important to consult with a professional in commercial solar solutions to fully assess a suitable option for your business. Contact the team at AMS Solutions today for flat roof commercial solar panels and all power solutions Manchester.

flat roof commercial solar panels

Flat Roof Commercial Solar Panels


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