Transitioning to an Electric Fleet

By now, you will know that the government has instigated a ban on any new petrol, diesel, or hybrid cars by 2035 to achieve the UK’s Net Zero target of no carbon emissions by 2050. You will have also seen a large influx of companies transitioning to an electric fleet, or people opting for Electric vehicles, and EV charging stations Manchester installed throughout the UK to help reach this threshold.

UK Businesses are spending billions on the switch to electric vehicles (EVs) to be part of the meaningful change and tackling of the climate change issue, and providing their place of business with dedicated EV charging points for employees, visitors, and the general public is spreading a powerful business message and reputation.

No matter what industry sector, electric vehicle charging stations are a monumental business benefit that secures your future operations. At AMS Solutions, we provide commercial EV installation that boosts your business standing in multiple areas.

Lower Carbon Emissions

With electric vehicles, sustainability is the main ingredient that should prompt you to switch. By transitioning to an EV fleet, your carbon footprint and global gas emissions are significantly reduced, making your business one of eco-friendliness and sustainable practices.

Electric vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions, a substantial role in reducing the environmental impact of running your business transportation and applying a grip on your company’s sense of social responsibility and standing.

Reduced Reliance on Harmful Fuels and Company Costs

The cost per kWh of electricity and maintenance costs are proven far lower compared to diesel or petrol-fueled vehicles, providing a reduced cost of ownership for your company.

Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts than an internal combustion engine, meaning fewer repairs and replacements over time. However, we would recommend you factor in some general maintenance costs for items such as tyres or general wear and tear. An EV will not suffer from any required oil changes or valve clogging, making EV car charger installation a considerable saving on your business in the long term.

Employee Satisfaction

Besides being a positive for your business reputation and output, implementing an EV charging infrastructure provides multiple benefits for your employees.

Providing smart-charging facilities promotes confidence in the purchase of EVs over ICE vehicles for personal use, knowing that they will be able to charge their vehicle whilst they work and do their part in reducing the environmental impact. Apart from lower fuel costs and reduced breakdown risk, transitioning to an electric fleet will drive your employee engagement, and improve their health and safety through less exposure to toxic emissions.

At AMS Solutions, we are dedicated to helping business owners find the best power solutions Manchester within electric vehicle charging installation. Contact our insightful and helpful team today to begin your transition to clear business operations.

transitioning to an electric fleet

Transitioning to an Electric Fleet


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