Solar Energy Production on Shorter Winter Days   

Bright sunny days with hot temperatures are what people generally picture when it comes to optimal solar power generation. While sunny days in the middle of summer yield an adequate level of solar energy production, those believing that the shorter days of the winter months provide much less may be in for a surprise.

Word that solar panels are hardly effective during the winter season is a common misconception. Although it is true that the levels of solar energy output peak with direct sunlight and UV rays, the temperature does not play a large role in a system’s overall performance.

Cold Weather Performance

Whilst you may find it hard to believe, cold weather is beneficial to the production of solar energy given off by solar panels. As solar panels are another electrical device, they are proven to function more efficiently in the cold compared to hotter temperatures.

The winter is also the ideal season to install solar panels for both home and business owners from an economic standpoint. As solar panel installation Manchester demand is often at its lowest point during the winter months, the standard lower cost during the winter attracts a decent audience. Although colder temperatures pose no risk to the panels themselves, it is crucial to be aware of the effect of cold weather on concrete if your solar base is directly on the ground in front of your property.


Whilst cold weather poses no negative impact to your solar panel performance, snowfall could interfere with the total level of energy production. If you live in a region that has expected snowfall each winter, that does not mean that your solar panels will not be effective.

In many colder climates, solar panels prove very popular. The total impact will come down to how much snow accumulates on top of your panel. A light layer of snow will not result in any major disruption as the sun’s UV rays will still penetrate through until the panel is clear. With heavier snowfall buildup on your panels, your energy production will decrease slightly, but heavy build-ups are proven to shift and slide off of a commercial solar panel due to the angle in which they position – and the heat that they generate melting the snow.

Shorter Days

As the winter days are shorter, the amount of energy production is bound to be smaller during this period. However, the amount of sunlight present over these days is more than enough to make it worth the investment.

The same can be said for cloudy days when direct sunlight is unavailable. The amount of sun that a solar panel is exposed to throughout a year still makes commercial solar panel installation a vastly cost-effective investment for any home or company.

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solar energy production

Solar Energy Production on Shorter Winter Days   


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