Solar Energy and the UK Heatwave: The Perfect Partnership

Over the last few weeks, the UK has seen some of the sunniest and hottest weather in its history. Whilst many of us choose to put it down to too long in that harsh winter climate, or the other half choose to weigh in on climate change, we regardless see a scorching UK summer over the months ahead.

In 2022, the UK records on temperatures were shattered – and all indications are lining up to present another scorcher for 2023. Since records have documented the UK heat, the ten hottest years have all been in the 21st century.


With that truth in mind, the time has come to realise that we may not have control over what weather we get – but we can control what it can provide for us. Our relationship with energy has also seen tumultuous times, with rising energy costs resulting in unaffordability compared with the need for fans and cooling units.

Air conditioning may very well soon be something that every UK home requires as the heat levels continue to rise – and the more they get used, the more energy prices will rise with them. UK Homeowners and businesses should now consider solar panel installation Manchester and the role solar PV panels can play in making the landscape more beneficial.

Before we discuss how solar panels will benefit in this current UK climate, let’s talk about how they are good for power solutions Manchester without the heatwaves.

Busting the Common Myth

At some point in conversations around solar panels, someone will say that the UK does not get enough sun throughout the year to make it beneficial. It is the common myth that someone will pull out to try and save money on having them installed.

Whilst we do see our fair share of rainy days, solar PV (photovoltaic systems) still generates significant amounts of electricity that positively impact energy bill savings. Despite the UK’s reputation for dramatic weather shifts, it still provides plenty of natural sunlight that solar panels can harness. During the summer, the sun’s positioning results in higher levels of solar irradiance – allowing more sunlight to be captured and more significant amounts of electricity to be generated.

Longer Days Benefit

With June every year, the UK experiences its longest day of the year. Naturally, this provides more natural sunlight that your system can extract and transform into energy. With a solar battery installed in the building, this is additional energy that you can store and potentially operate completely grid-free as a result – or earn some extra money by selling the surplus back to the national grid.

By playing the growing UK heatwave climate against your increasing energy costs, you are not only harnessing free energy whilst reducing reliance on increasing high energy costs, but you are also taking the biggest practical step into sustainability and net zero solutions.

For more information on the design, commercial solar panel installation, testing and maintenance of sustainable systems in Manchester, contact our team at AMS Solutions to make the perfect partnership work for the better.

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Solar Energy and the UK Heatwave: The Perfect Partnership


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