Why 2024 is Your Year for Commercial Solar Panels

The first day of 2024 in Manchester started as a sunny day with clear skies, showcasing a brighter future ahead for the year. While many businesses remained closed on January 1st, this day is a perfect example of why commercial properties can truly benefit from making 2024 the year for commercial solar panel installation. The initial investment may be high, but the savings achieved in the long run more than outweigh that cost – and if your business is not running on a day like today, your solar panels and a solar storage battery system can be stockpiling all of this free energy.

Business owners looking to contribute towards a sustainable future should investigate the many benefits commercial solar solutions provide as an energy source.

Initial Cost

If you run a small to medium-sized business, solar panels are a viable option with a typical cost between £16-70k. That depends on factors such as roof size, panels required and the optimum energy production. Understanding your business energy needs is crucial to determining the scale and cost of your commercial solar panel setup.

A business that uses between 30,000 and 50,000 kWh each year generally reduces its monthly utility costs and creates greater sustainability, and depending on where in the UK your business is located will play a hand in the type and price of your system.

When considering the installation costs of your system, the typical items are the panels themselves and the inverters to use them. Depending on the project size, you may have additional costs to cover extra time for installation. All this can be discussed and detailed by talking with the team at AMS Solutions beforehand.

Are Planning Permissions Required?

When considering solar panel installation Manchester, it is crucial to consider if planning permission is necessary, especially if your business operates within a historical or world heritage site.

In these cases, gaining permission before installing any solar panel system is essential to cover yourself. The company dealing with your solar panel installation can help sort out permissions on your behalf before you sign any contracts. As panels have very few moving parts, they will be easy to care for and maintain. However, they also may need cleaning occasionally, which you factor in on a site or building that falls into these special conditions.

Installing commercial solar panels in 2024 is an efficient way for your business to reduce its carbon footprint and make a positive impression on the planet. If you are ready to make a greener step with your energy production through power solutions Manchester, contact the team at AMS Solutions today.

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Why 2024 is Your Year for Commercial Solar Panels


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