Commercial Maintenance for the New Year

Running a commercial property is no small task. Various responsibilities fall on business owners over a year that requires safety and functionality to be paramount. While reactive maintenance Manchester is an ongoing responsibility, the new year is the perfect opportunity to have commercial maintenance conducted to ensure everything works.

That can be carrying out repairs and servicing where necessary to reduce downtime when your business operates at peak production times. At AMS Solutions, we provide many health and safety services Manchester that help ensure commercial properties are fully efficient.

Efficiency Checks

Energy prices continue to be a chief concern for many business owners, meaning 2024 is a prudent time to run an energy audit of your commercial premises. Energy efficiency directly affects your business’s bottom line and contributes to combatting the climate crisis, making it a worthwhile investment in your business’s future.

An audit will identify areas of your property that use unnecessary energy and highlight where you can gain savings. It can be the repair of insulation around windows and doors, changing old light bulbs for LED lighting and electrical items that are taking up energy but factoring no further use.

Servicing of Equipment and Appliances

Staying alert to the condition of your equipment and appliances is integral to safeguarding your employees and productivity. Preventive maintenance can save your business a lot of money by identifying the problems, weakened parts and faulty wiring that can one day result in full-system failure – a scenario that will slow your business whilst repairs are needed.

Servicing is crucial in reducing your running costs and ensuring that your equipment operates at optimum efficiency. Preventive maintenance reduces the likelihood of breakdowns, which take a toll whilst waiting for repairs and parts to arrive, losing time and money for the business. Take the opportunity at the beginning of the year to book preventive maintenance so you know that all equipment is operating as it should for the year ahead and know what to keep an eye on.

Electrical Issues

Faulty electrical equipment is not just a risk to the safety of your employees, it can impact your power supply and disrupt your operations in the event of a tripped wire or shortage.

In the worst case, it can result in a workplace fire. Regular fixed wire testing Manchester and pat testing Manchester need to be carried out by a professional qualified electrician, ensuring that your staff are kept safe when using sockets and electrical devices in the workplace. It also keeps your commercial property up to the code, preventing any legal problems that can happen if an accident occurs.

Start 2024 by checking the health of your commercial property through commercial maintenance with the team at AMS Solutions. Contact our team today to book our power solutions Manchester services for your business.

Commercial Maintenance

Commercial Maintenance for the New Year


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