The Big Questions on Commercial Solar Panels

If you are in the market for commercial solar panel installation, one area you must look into is keeping your solar panels working correctly at maximum efficiency. One way to ensure you are getting the best out of your panels is an annual solar power system maintenance check with professionals at AMS Solutions.

Many issues, including a build-up of dirt, can cause your solar panels to reduce energy generation without you realising it. The easy way to check the condition of your panels would be from a generation meter reading or a simple glance at your panels for surface debris or moss. Still, there are also other issues that you should become aware of that an annual check-up can identify.

What Can Go Wrong With My System?

Commercial solar panels are very reliable installations with very few moving parts, which limits the number of issues you could face. However, solar PV systems occasionally require maintenance to ensure any issue with energy generation is not impacting performance.

Sometimes it can be as simple as nesting birds under the panels or a dirt layer on top that reduces efficiency. In extreme cases, your panels can gain cracks or damage from severe weather. Occasionally, cables for the system may have been gnawed by local wildlife.

Issues like these are rare but can create problems if not resolved. If you have not got an annual maintenance contract in place with Power Solutions Manchester, we recommend that you arrange for a member of our team to visit.

What to Do With Issues

When your commercial solar panel is not generating, you will need an engineer to investigate. Typically, inverters would display a fault code stating the potential issue.

If you suspect that your panels are broken or cables are damaged, then you should immediately report the fault to ensure a member of our team can resolve the issue quickly and safely. Underperformance can be caused by the condition of your panels or cable misalignment. Inverter faults are usually easily rectified with a simple reset, following the manual.

As we mentioned, there are rarely any issues with commercial solar panels, but after around 15 years, you can expect to replace the inverter if required.


A solar power system come with a 20-year warranty to make them future-proof. If there was an issue, it would more likely come from your inverter or power supply.

The lifespan of inverters is sadly not as long as the solar panels. However, before you report a fault, it is worth checking if there is enough ventilation and that the inverter is free and clear of dust.

Contact the team at AMS Solutions to discuss all concerns or issues with commercial solar panel installation.

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The Big Questions on Commercial Solar Panels


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