The 2022 London EV Show Leaves a Positive Impression 

AMS Solutions always looks to work alongside like-minded businesses that share the same mission as we do. Our dedicated drive ensures that people are kept safe, facilities are fully operational and a focus on the full transition to net zero. 

As a business that prides itself on clear markings towards safety, quick job turnaround with minimal downtime and the provision of turnkey EV solutions from substations to charging sockets, we want to ensure that every partner we work with matches our mission statement to the letter. 

We believe in partnering with companies that align with our mission statement. In the past, we faced challenges with scheduling reliability, weather conditions, and unsatisfactory finishes when working with another company for EV bay line marking. However, our encounter with EV Bays, represented by directors Jess Sparks and Gregory Thomson at the 2022 London EV Show, was a game-changer. EV Bays are an independent market leader in thermoplastic electric vehicle bay marking. Their product was a revelation and a perfect solution as we could apply them ourselves and get the job done right first time. 

Agreeing to test the product for the first time, we sent all our team to RRG Toyota Bolton, part of the biggest dealer group in the North – the RRG Group, for a training session on installation, where our team also recently provided the site with the installation of the latest ABB DC fast charger. A shiny new charger deserved EV bays markings that looked the part. 

The ease of the marking installation proved to be hugely popular with our team that we even managed another install for a bay within 30 minutes later that same afternoon. EV Bays guided us through the design of the bespoke logo, custom line width and colour needed for our job. Nothing was too much trouble for them. 

The product provided by EV Bays has been extremely popular with our team and has a satisfactory implementation moving forward, with more fantastic jobs completed with their product and further orders with their company are already lined up. 

AMS Solutions highly recommends EV Bays as a perfect partnership that gels perfectly with our core mission.

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The 2022 London EV Show Leaves a Positive Impression 


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