Why your car showroom needs perfect lighting

The internet is taking over every aspect of our lives and more and more businesses are finding that they’re becoming obsolete due to it. In a world where nothing is safe from online shopping, it has never been more urgent to make your business as desirable as possible.

Car dealerships are no exception to this rule, either, which is why today we’re going to be looking into why car dealerships need perfect lighting. LED lights appear to be everyone’s favorite lights for car showroom lighting because they’re efficient for larger spaces.

But why is it so important that your car dealership has perfect lighting? Let’s find out together, shall we?

Increase Vehicle Desirability to Increase Sales

A lot of people nowadays will talk about the necessity of good lighting to get a shareable image, and they’re not wrong. Good lighting accentuates all the curves, angles, and colors just as you want it to, offering you the best-looking image available. If it works for images, then it must also work for seeing something first hand.

So, when potential buyers walk into your car dealership and see bright and attractive vehicles thanks to the perfect lighting, they’ll be much more likely to trust you with their investment than if you were to be lighting your building with humming, orange-hued dim lights.

The lighting you choose will affect how customers see the cars that you’re selling. If you have a bright, fiery red vehicle as your main pulling attraction but use the wrong lighting, outsiders might see a bleak and washed-out pink car at the forefront of your business.

While some people might enjoy driving around in a pink car, it is certainly a niche group compared to those who want a strong red vehicle to show off. So, more people will be drawn to the vibrancy that the perfect lighting offers your stock.

More Inviting for Customers

The ideal lighting for a car dealership is spotlighting your main attractions. If potential customers travel past your showroom and can’t help but look away from the brand new model of their favorite car in the window, they’re going to be hard-pressed to drive away without coming in for a look.

To ensure that your customers see their new car from outside of the dealership, you need to make sure that all of the most impressive cars are highlighted with your lighting choices. Having said that, you do still need to ensure that the light is bright throughout your entire lot to ensure that there are no dark spots.

A uniform brightness across the entire car showroom will make your entire building feel more inviting to customers from the outside. Dark spots might make your customers feel less safe and secure in your dealership which may deter them from making a purchase. Moreover, criminals will be less likely to break into your dealership if the lighting is bright and evenly distributed.

A flood of bright light across your showroom will paint all of the cars you’re showcasing in the perfect light no matter where your customers are viewing them from. The lighting will be able to reach the vehicles all the way around them and keep them looking as good as they possibly can in front of potential buyers.

A More Professional Light

Brighter lights will make your dealership look more professional and successful. The more lights you have, the more money people think that you’ve spent on decking it out to look as good as possible. Car buyers are more likely to spend money with a successful car dealership rather than a struggling one.

So, even if you’re not the most successful dealership in your area at the moment, fake it until you make it and make your lot look the most impressive! LED lights are more energy-efficient to run than your average Joe lightbulb, so we suggest opting for LED lighting to ensure that you can achieve the perfect lighting without having to pay premium prices.

A Pain-Free Experience

The price of a new car can be a headache enough, so your customers don’t need your lighting contributing to their pain. Quite the contrary, actually, as you want to make their time in your car dealership as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. If you’ve never had to suffer through light sensitivity.

Many people can get headaches and migraines triggered by light sensitivity, and this is often more associated with poor lighting and fluorescent lights. Something as simple as the car showroom lighting could be enough to turn people away from your business, so it’s important to plan ahead for everything.

This is a lesser thought of factor when it comes to choosing the right lighting for a car dealership, but that doesn’t change the fact that a reasonable proportion of your customers are likely to experience light sensitivity. In fact, taking this into consideration could help your business as it’s unlikely that other dealerships around you have thought of this.

Catering to customers who suffer from sensitivity to light can make you much more user friendly and welcoming to everyone. We think that this will make a big difference in the number of customers you’re drawing in every month.


Overall, it is incredibly important that you use the perfect car showroom lighting. There are many advantages to doing so, such as it could drive sales thanks to your cars looking more appealing. The whole idea is to sell your stock, and you will find it difficult to do so if what you’re selling looks less than desirable to your audience.

A well-lit business will also attract more customers in and keep criminals away due to the safe and secure look that your dealership will possess. Perfect lighting will make your business look more successful and therefore more potential clients will trust their money in your hands.

Finally, soft lighting will ensure that everyone will feel comfortable and welcome in your business without the worry of painful consequences. As you can see, it will truly pay to invest in your car dealership lighting.


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Why your car showroom needs perfect lighting


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