Smart Decisions for Northwest Business Owners in 2024: Solar Panels

2024 is a year where business owners understand that change is necessary and the time to act to preserve their business future is immediate. The end of the financial year has seen many Northwest businesses face increased operational costs and fears of downsizing as a result. Of course, once they do downsize, it is very hard to regain that ground. Many are now positing more smart decisions around their energy consumption, fossil fuel use, and working patterns that affect their bottom line.

The introduction of commercial solar solutions for businesses over the past year has seen both immediate and long-term benefits to companies and organizations in the Northwest, with the longer daytime hours about to return posing a boost towards the investments smart business owners have put forward.

The Easy Sell on Commercial Solar

A business owner having the ability to generate his company’s green solar power reduces the reliance on expensive energy suppliers and gains greater long-term energy security.

By combining commercial solar solutions with smart energy storage, business owners can open up new revenue streams by selling their surplus energy to an energy provider, or by providing flexible services on behalf of a local energy network.

Introducing on-site renewable energy solutions demonstrates to customers and stakeholders that you take vital action against the threat of climate change, which is extremely valuable PR for your business.

Long-Term Protection Against Volatility

We will never forget the impact of the Coronavirus lockdowns and the economic after-effects, but we will continue to feel the wider-reaching effects for many decades following. The following surge in energy demand forcing up energy prices to record levels is a prime example, with no clear indication we will ever return to how things were.

Not many of us have the luxury of being able to ride out this higher price period, with many traders in the Northwest already having to shut their doors for good due to the operating costs. A squeeze on gas markets caused the cost of energy in the UK to increase by nearly 70% between 2021 and 2022 alone – and it is not stopping its ascent.

Commercial solar panel installation provides the ability to separate your business from those elevated energy costs by generating your own renewable energy source, keeping your company safe from unpredictable price increases from energy suppliers, and enabling better budget forecasting and business strategy.

Are you a Northwest business owner ready to take advantage of the sunny weather on the horizon and capture your own power solutions Manchester? Contact the team at AMS Solutions today to explore your options for better energy consumption.

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Smart Decisions for Northwest Business Owners in 2024: Solar Panels


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