What Have You Heard About Commercial Solar Panels?

The talk of commercial solar is rife throughout every industry in the UK and is the number one topic when discussing reducing reliance on traditional forms of energy generation. Renewable energy is being implemented throughout all new commercial builds moving forward, battling against the ever-increasing costs of grid energy in the UK.

However, despite the surge in popularity of commercial solar panel installation, many still hold onto the negative myths and misconceptions surrounding them, usually plastered online.

At AMS Solutions, we decided to look into these myths and provide some truth about this renewable energy source.

The Expense

The first misconception most people have is around the expense, as everything should be when planning change for a business. However, the negative about commercial solar panels being too expensive to implement is not true.

True, there is a sizable upfront cost for commercial solar panel installation, but the long-term benefits are more than the return on that initial investment. With advances in technology and mass production, the cost of solar panels has significantly reduced in the last few years, making them highly accessible to all industries.

With this solution lowering your electricity bills and requiring little to no maintenance throughout its working life, you benefit greatly from making the switch over opting to wait it out until it’s necessary.


As we just mentioned, solar panels and solar battery storage are designed to be low maintenance and require very little upkeep. A commercial solar panel is made from durable materials and can withstand extreme weather conditions for decades, making it one of the best investments for your business.

All the panels will require is an occasional clean every few months, but even the notorious Northwest rainfall will play a role in reducing that need. If maintenance is required, our AMS Solutions team can check over the components to ensure that the equipment is performing at its optimum level. Any repairs required will typically be of very low cost due to the number of small parts required in manufacturing these solar panels.


England is not known for its all-year-round reliable sunny days, but the myth that these solar panels do not work on overclouded and stormy days is simply not true. Solar panels can still generate energy – it will just be at a decreased amount than it would be on a sunnier day.

Modern solar panels are equipped with advanced technology that allows them to maximise energy output even in less-than-ideal weather conditions. With battery storage, you can even stockpile excess generated energy to tide you over whenever these days come around.

Do you feel more informed on commercial solar panel installation? How about calling our expert team to have all of your questions answered about commercial solar solutions?

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What Have You Heard About Commercial Solar Panels?


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