Why Should a Fire Risk Assessment Be Reviewed?

Having a fire risk assessment within your company is of the utmost importance – but do you know how often it requires reviewing?

The law states that every business premises and residential block of flats must regularly have a full fire risk assessment conducted, and it be the foundation of all fire safety plans. Without an updated assessment, you will be unable to protect your premises and be unaware of all existing hazards and dangers surrounding you and your employees.

A fire risk assessment is a once-done-and-over-with solution. Hazards and risks present themselves in new ways all of the time. It stands to reason that an assessment needs to keep up with those risks and have a regular schedule.

How Often Are They Required?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to that question. As you can imagine, several factors will weigh into it.

Firstly, the legislation relating to fire risk assessments does not state a specific time frame for review. However, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 does demand that risk assessments are constantly updated. Whenever any changes take place within a work environment, it is a legal requirement that another fire risk assessment be undertaken.

Even if no major changes take place within your workplace, subtle alterations can make a big difference to safety. To ensure that your commercial property is protected, you should have a professional fire safety services manchester and schedule a review every following year to ensure it is still relevant.

Examples of Scenarios

Many business owners assume that their property has not changed over the years, which often results in many operating with an out-of-date fire safety strategy unknowingly.

An annual review should be on the cards if you have not had one within the calendar year. If you have had new activities undertaken at the premises, a change to occupancy limitation, a growth or diminishment in employees or considerable alterations to the building layout, you require a fresh assessment by a professional.

The same can be said whenever there are any changes to the legislation in place concerning fire safety solutions. That is why it is highly beneficial to partner with a facilities management Manchester company, ensuring you are up to date with regulatory amendments that affect your obligations.

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Fire Risk Assessment

Why Should a Fire Risk Assessment Be Reviewed?


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